Ocean Blue Project


Ocean Blue Project is a grassroots environmental non-profit dedicated to cleaning waterways and One World Ocean. As an organization, Ocean Blue promotes the participation of all because Ocean Blue is everyone's nonprofit! Join us for a mission that's as vast, critical, and inspiring as the Ocean itself.


To protect and conserve the world's ocean, beaches, and rivers, through education and awareness, by providing service learning projects, enhancing wildlife habitat, cleaning beaches and rivers, and by reducing pollution.


Ocean Blue Project, was Founded on Nye Beach in Newport, Oregon on October, 16 2012. During 2013, Fleet and Richard Arterbury, hosted the first event for "World Oceans Day" on June 8th at Nye Beach in Newport, Oregon.


Ocean Blue's three main program areas encompass a holistic ecosystem approach to healing our one world Ocean. The Blue Beaches program focuses on removing marine debris from beaches before the tide takes the debris back out to sea. Blue Streams & Rivers involves engaging wildlife enhancement projects that entire communities take part in to restore urban streams and rivers that flow to the ocean. Blue Schools provides service learning projects in the community and in the classroom to help K-12 students connect with their local watershed and become lifelong stewards.


With support from over 5000 volunteers, we have removed at least 100,000 pounds of debris from the ocean. Ocean Blue has engaged communities across the country to show up for future generations and in the process has inspired stewards, young and old, to take care of our one world Ocean.

Goals this year

We are cleaning 50 beaches in 2018 and planting 1 million Trees for Streams by 2025!

Board Members

Richard Arterbury has more inspiration from the ocean than can be described in words. He carries a love for nature that runs deep in his blood. A passion that has kept him working 18 hour days since 2012 when Ocean Blue was founded. As a proud member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Richard is motivated by something that he feels deeply. So deep in fact, that he is unable to identify a single moment in his life, a turning point, or an epiphany that is often behind the reason why people give up everything for the environment.


Current projects are established across the United States with the Create a Cleanup program going strong with help from volunteers around the globe.


PO Box 1807, Newport, OR 97365, www.oceanblueproject.org, 541-714-0237, karisa@oceanblueproject.org

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