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At Revolution Robotics we believe that robotics is the best way to inspire a new generation of real-world problem solvers armed with the Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and critical life skills they'll need to thrive in the 21st century.


At Revolution Robotics, we are revolutionizing STEM education globally by creating robotics kits, challenges, and competitions that develop critical 21st century work skills. We seek to inspire kids around the world to pursue degrees and careers in STEM through an open-source platform, where kids can create and build fully controllable robots through a blue-tooth connection on their mobile phones. We envision a world where kids participate in robotics as much as basketball or any other organized sport - will you help us make it happen?


We are focused on tackling inequity in accessing high quality STEM education for low-income students and female students. The cost and complexity of existing robotics programs currently results in extremely low participation among lower income groups which disproportionately impacts people of color. Secondly, women in the United States make up only 19.7% of degrees in engineering and engineering technologies, with research showing that girls begin to lose interest in STEM subjects during their pre-teen and early teen years. The Revolution Robotics Foundation was specifically established to address these challenges by lowering the cost & complexity of educational & competitive robotics kits while also making them equally appealing to girls and boys.

Our founders have designed a robotics kit adaptable to various age groups, engineering challenges, and learning levels. Our kit includes over 530 pieces and can be used by students with a revolutionary mobile app that kids can use to configure, program, and control their robot creations via bluetooth.

Students will have access to a revolutionary mobile app, which will give teach them how to configure, program, and control their robot creations through bluetooth. These 1,000 students will have access to free online training videos, lessons and activities, and low cost open events to compete in next year.

The training to develop STEM skills include videos, lessons, challenges, and activities which all exist in the free mobile app. This is important because in low-income areas, a cheap Android smartphone is the only access students have to the internet, and even then, they may not have a data plan. This allows all students equitable access.


The Revolution Robotics Challenge Kit with over 530 pieces including: 1 brain, 2 ultrasonic sensor, 1 built-in gyro, 1 built-in accelerometer, 12 fully programmable LEDs, 1 bumper switch, 1 built-in speaker, 5 powerful 6v motors, 6 wheels, rechargeable batteries & charger.

Donating this kit gives students access to our revolutionary mobile app filled with challenges and tutorials for students.

Board Members

Our partners and supporters include an array of engineering and STEM leading companies in the field:

1) Softeq

2) Shoparoo

3) Microchip

4) Bain Capital Ventures

5) Segger

6) Super Charge

7) Codesignal

Most importantly, 1 of our 4 Board Members is Dave Lavery who is the NASA Program Executive for Solar System Explorations. Dave oversees and is heavily involved with the NASA Mars Exploration Rovers - coming up in 2020!






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