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Rooterville Animal Sanctuary has been Encouraging Compassion, Inspiring Change for over 15 years under the unstoppable and courageous leadership of Elaine West. The sanctuary is open to the public for visits and tours every weekend from March through December and we welcome over 7,000 visitors annually to experience farm animals in a peaceful, park-like, natural setting. It is the experience of a lifetime for most people and children and our goal is that they will leave with changed hearts and make kinder choices in their daily lives.


Our mission is to Encourage Compassion, Inspire Change by promoting a whole-food, plant-based diet to the average person/family in a non-judgmental, kind, fun way.

A plant based diet is better for the animals, of course, but it is also the best thing we can do for the environment and our own health. Our job is to help people understand that the simple choices they make every day have a profound impact on their own health and the environment. Not to mention the 100 animal's lives that are spared every year when someone chooses a kind diet.


Rooterville was founded primarily to give Elaine some tax relief for all of the money she was spending to spay/neuter and helping rescue animals in dire situations. It has since blossomed into a 30 acre facility which provides refuge to over 300 animals and gives thousands of visitors a unique experience with farm animals that they will never forget. Words that we hear from visitors are "Amazing", "Magical", "Awesome", 'Best" and more! Visitors love their time spent here with the animals!


Our tours share the stories of our animals with visitors who are shocked at how they were treated by modern animal factories. By raising the awareness of average people, our goal is to inspire them to make the connection with the animals and change their diet. We offer literature and information to help them in that transition.

We have signs along the way that educate and inform people so that even the "self guided" visitors are educated about the plight of animals in animal factories.

We offer immersion experiences for college groups, school field trips, group volunteer experiences and we participate in many events throughout the year where we pass out literature and let people know about Rooterville and what we do.


We strive to increase the number of on site visitors to the sanctuary every year. In 2019, we hosted nearly 8,000 visitors! We make a little go a long way when it comes to impact! We mailed and handed out over 15,000 pieces of our literature, educating people about our existence and what they can do to make the world a kinder place.

Our goal is to purchase property near the Orlando area to offer the very unique and special Rooterville experience to over 100,000 visitors every year. Imagine the good we could do if we could get over 100,000 people from all over the world through our gates to learn the truth about where their food comes from and what they can do to make the world a better place!

We are passionate and committed to ending the abuse and exploitation of animals in our lifetime.

Goals this year

Our goal for 2020 is to host 10,000 new visitors to the sanctuary and to secure the funding and property to begin the Orlando expansion. We have found property and we just need to get the funding in place to begin this exciting venture.

Our new location will have an educational center that will share with visitors the history of farming from what it was to what it is today. We'll have concessions and eventually a restaurant so visitors and passersby can enjoy delicious plant based food. Tiny houses will allow guests to stay overnight and experience a natural Florida environment as well as the sanctuary. Our plan is to allocate some acreage to a subdivision and sell lots to vegan advocates who want to be involved in the sanctuary and our work.

We have a business plan and we're recruiting board members and advisers to help make it a success.

Board Members

Elaine West has been a champion for farm animals for over 20 years. Growing up around farm animals and always having a love for animals, this was a natural fit for her. She has never been paid for her tireless work. Elaine's activism became an absolute flaming passion when she learned about factory farming. Before there were portable DVD players, she was lugging a tv and vcr to pet events to share factory farming with the public! Thank God tech has improved to make showing video footage more feasible! Elaine will always put what is best for the animals above everything else and can be counted on to see something through to completion with excellence and passion. Totally devoted to ending factory farming, Elaine will always do whatever she can do to accomplish that end!


Our board is evolving as our organization grows and currently consists of two long time friends who help with events and as needed.

Our goal this year is to bring on new board members who are business minded to help shepherd the build-out and completion of the new location and help with it's operation.




Rooterville Animal Sanctuary

5579 Darwood St

Melrose, FL 32666


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