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In 1964, Dr. Mary Calderone, a physician with Planned Parenthood Federation of America, saw a lack of accessible, accurate, and reliable information about sexuality. What she felt was even more critical, however, was that the information that was available was not reaching those who needed it most—young people. This was her motivation, along with several other brave groundbreakers, for founding SIECUS.


SIECUS affirms that sexuality is a fundamental part of being human, one that is worthy of dignity and respect. We advocate for the right to accurate information, comprehensive education about sexuality, and sexual health services. SIECUS works to create a world that ensures social justice and sexual rights.


SIECUS was founded to provide education and information about sexuality and sexual and reproductive health. However, as sexual and reproductive health issues have become a primary political battleground, SIECUS has proactively addressed the political challenges we confront, as well as defended our positions and programs. Our public policy and advocacy efforts have grown to be equally important as our education and training efforts.

Our two primary program areas—Education and Training and Public Policy and Advocacy— are fueled by our Information and Communications department. SIECUS’ strategic plan includes three strategic programmatic issues being addressed on both the domestic and international fronts:

Promote, protect, and secure public policies on the international, federal, state, and local levels that advance sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Ensure an abundance of accurate, balanced, useful, and accessible information about human sexuality.

Ensure that all people receive comprehensive education about sexuality that helps them integrate information and skills into their lives.

These issues and the subsequent work to address each one have provided SIECUS with a path to advance our agenda in the most strategic and thoughtful way.


SIECUS’ initiatives are built upon the principle of ensuring universal access and availability to accurate, comprehensive information about sexual and reproductive health issues, as well as protecting the services and securing the rights that allow individuals to act on informed choices.

The impact of our work has been evident throughout our 40+ year history. We have improved public policy, expanded sexuality education programs, lessened the damage of abstinence-only-until-marraige programs, and protected access to sexual and reproductive health services. Our programmatic and policy efforts are even more vital today than they were at our founding in 1964.


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Inform Policymakers

Mail drop to Congress

Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States

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Your gift will allow SIECUS to perform a personal mail drop to every member of Congress on sexuality and reproductive health issues.

Get Families Talking

Materials for 50 parents

Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States

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Talk About Sex

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Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States

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Sexuality training

Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States

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