Animal Bloggers - Invitation




We would like to feature you and your blog in our forthcoming campaign, Animal Bloggers are Changing the Present.  


Problem and Opportunity
While countless nonprofits serving animals struggle for funding, Americans spend $450 billion a year on birthday, wedding, and holiday presents, many of which are unwanted or unneeded. Imagine how many animals that money could help!


About Us
The New York Times called “an of the nonprofit world” for our role in channeling to nonprofits some of the fortune normally spent on presents. 

We make the experience of a donation, given in a friend’s name, feel like a rewarding gift. Visitors can:
•    choose exactly how they want to help animals, such as the opportunities seen here 
•    personalize a beautiful greeting card to make it a truly memorable gift
•    create a wish list to show what they care about, direct attention and funds to their favorite nonprofits, and encourage friends to donate instead of shopping.


The Impact
Imagine how much good we can do together as more people show their love by donating to help animals instead of buying fuzzy slippers and giant cans of popcorn.


Make a Difference
This campaign will honor the philanthropic work and generosity of animal bloggers. You and other participants can direct attention and money to your favorite nonprofits, while also promoting this norm: “You don't need to buy stuff to show your love. Instead, you can make the world a better place, in a friend's name.”  


We Make It Easy
Simply create a charitable wish list at If your favorite nonprofits are not yet listed, just let us know, and we will gladly prioritize an invitation to them. 


What People Will See
You will be featured on the ‘Animal Bloggers Are Changing The Present’ page of our website. Your favorite nonprofits’ gifts will appear on your wish list. We will promote this campaign through traditional media, blogs, and social media.


Let’s Get Started
We make it easy for you to participate in just a few minutes. Here is the Instruction Page. Of course, we would be glad to answer any questions. 

Thank you very much for your time and consideration, as well as all you to do to help animals.