Financial Reports for Nonprofits

This page provides instructions for nonprofits that are logging in to see transaction reports.

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Creating a Nonprofit Account with Changing The Present

Nonprofits use this form to register for an account with us. Among other things, we ask for the name and the email of their main contact for us.


When we approve the organization, we notify them, and we send them an email with access to our financial reporting system. That email links to a web page where they can [Adam - what?].


This page provides further instructions on using the reporting system.



  • Log in with your email address and password.
  • If you need to re-set your password, you should [Adam - what?]
  • If a new person takes over the role at your organization and you need to change the email to access your transactions, you should [Adam - what?]


Transaction Information

  • You can see all of the transactions that affect your account: donations, refunds (for instance, if a credit card was used fraudulently), and our sub-grants to your organization. Transactions are typically added within 48 hours of their occurrence. [Adam, is there any way for the database--when filtered for any nonprofit--to show the date of the last transaction for any nonprofit?]
  • Nobody else can see the transactions that affect your account.
  • You will see all of the transaction details: date and time; name and email of the donor, what they funded, etc.
  • You can filter / sort etc. [Adam - please explain]
  • You can download a CSV spreadsheet with your transactions by [Adam - please explain]
  • If you need guidance on importing your transactions into your donor management system, let us know.

Contacting Us

If you need further assistance, please use the form to get in touch with us.


[Robert will insert jotform here. Adam, what all should we ask, beyond the following?


Contact Information

    Your name

    Are you your organization's official contact for CtP?

    Your email address (the one that is the contact with CtP)

      Name of your organization

      EIN of your organization


Please provide a very clear explanation of the problem you encountered so we can help.

      What did you try to do?

      What did you expect to happen?

      What happened instead?


What else can you tell us so we can help you?