The Perfect Gift for Every Friend, Prospect, Client, Customer, and Employee: A Charitable Gift Card

What They Do Not Want

People will little note, nor long remember yet another box of chocolates, tin of flavored popcorn, card for a coffee shop, gift card to buy yet more "stuff" at some store, or less-than-memorable bottle of wine.



What They Would Prefer

This year, give your friends, clients, customers, and employees something they will really appreciate: the opportunity to change the world and make it a better place.


Our charitable gift cards let you empower them to make a difference. They can:

  • search or browse our site by cause to find thousands of opportunities to make a difference, such as fund cancer research, preserve an acre of the rain forest, provide resources for schoolchildren, feed the hungry, care for a veteran, or whatever they care about.
  • support any nonprofit (even if it is not yet on the site), or
  • provide any type of resource for any favorite school or teacher.



Three Great Reasons to Give Our Charitable Gift Cards

  • You know that the recipients will appreciate this caring and memorable gift. After all, Americans care so strongly about their favorite causes that they donate $300 billion a year. That is a lot of passion!
  • You can take tremendous satisfaction that your gift dollars are actually making a difference.
  • Giving charitable gift cards is also tax-advantageous. Only the first $25 of a traditional present is tax-deductible. However, our gift cards are charitable donations (you donate; the card recipient chooses where to direct the funds), so the full amount can be tax-deductible.

Greeting Cards


Our beautiful, personalized greeting cards make your present especially heart-warming. Use one of our stunning cover images or provide your own. 

A Branded Experience Maximizes Recognition and Goodwill


Your own branded landing page reminds them that you care about what they care about.