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Brain cancer remains one of the most extraordinarily complex and difficult to treat diseases, and there is a notable shortfall in research funding to support discovery of new treatment therapies. We need to increase investments of all kinds in the fight against brain cancer and bring hope to an often overlooked area of medical research.

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Your generous gift will buy one share of the ABC² Angel Investor Fund* (multiple shares are available) to fast-track cutting edge brain cancer research advancements. Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure was formed with the belief that the entrepreneurial model that has enabled so many technological innovations offers the best hope to fill the gap in funding. In the business world venture capitalists, sometimes called "angel investors," fast-track funding for novel ideas that hold promise for extraordinary return. We have established an "Angel Investor Fund" -- our own non-profit version of a venture capital fund. We are committing $250,000 in our first grant to support an innovative translational research project that will move the brain cancer field forward in measurable ways. *Your contribution to the Angel Investor Fund is a tax-deductible charitable contribution. As such, goods and services will not be provided in exchange for your contribution.