e-card for Adopt A Polar Bear from Defenders of Wildlife

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Greeting Card Cover image
Champagne cheers
Wooded lake
Cup of coffee held by mittens
White kitten
Blue eggs
White dog
Happy Birthday candles on cake
Colorful ferris wheel
Candles that spell happy
Heart drawn in the sand
Raspberries in a heart shaped bowl
Hanging wooden hearts
Bouquet of pink and white flowers
Yellow daffodils
Snowy latern
Girl holding sparkler
Glowing seed pod
White, autumnal table settings
Heart candle and rose
Rows of lit candles
Vintage Volkswagen by some flowers
Typewriter keys
Vintage camera
Christmas deocrations
Snowy forest
Boots in the snow
Happy dog
American flag light
Soldier with dog
Cat on a fence
Three cows in a field
Pelican on dock
Cabins in a field
Boats on the shore
Coastal town
Sunset over the ocean
Houses by a canal
Crochet teddy bears
Couple holding baby shoes
Tunnel of trees
Town overlooking the sea
Intricate ceiling
Black and white elephants
White bulldog
Black and white giraffe close up
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