Show Your Love with the World’s Largest Floral Arrangement<br>with flower bullets

Show Your Love with the World’s Largest Floral Arrangement
with flower bullets

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A regular bouquet of flowers is always a lovely gift, but why not give her one that's spectacular.

Larger. Much: The World’s Largest Floral Arrangement is nearly the size of a supermarket.

More diverse: The World’s Largest Floral Arrangement has more than 200 species of exotic flowers, in more colors than a world full of rainbows, all nestled among giant ferns and lavish greenery.

More life: Birds. Butterflies. Wildlife. It's the envy of every florist.

Taller: These long-stems soar more than a hundred feet skyward.

No need to water: Imagine an arrangement that waters itself.

Longer lasting: Your timeless love deserves something longer-lasting than a standard bouquet. The World’s Largest Flower Arrangement will continue to grow and bloom.

The World’s Largest Floral Arrangement is an acre of rainforest. You can protect it for about the same cost as a standard flower arrangement. Yet, it is so much more.

No, delivery is not included, However, we will send her a beautiful, personalized greeting card. It’s a wonderful way to show how much you love her, and do something important for our planet, in her name.