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What about making the wedding unique and fun?




See our wish list.

I hope you create a charitable wish listor registry, too.



About Try a Unique Wedding

Try a Unique Wedding is a creative wedding planning website that aims at young couples that wants their wedding to be unique and fun. We provide some interesting design on the wedding ceremony.



Favorite Causes and Nonprofits

I want to have a chance to go and design some creative wedding ceremonies for the people in some places which are in poverty, using the materials and stuff that can be found in that area to design a wedding that can both meet the requirements and have the guests enjoy themselves. We want the guests to have an impressive wedding no matter where they are.



Philanthropic Activities

Our association have been on the program for several years, and we actually did managed to design some simple but interesting wedding ceremonies for couples who doesn't have enough money to hold the ceremony. We are experienced in wedding planning, and we are confident in making a satisfying wedding ceremony for all the couples that come to us.



Charitable Wish List

I love the idea of people changing the world with a meaningful donation instead of buying more unwanted presents. Please see my wish list, which shows what I care about.See my charitable wish list, and please create your own