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Although I love sending and receiving silly gifts, this year I have decided to ask for something more meaningful. My sister created a wish-list for her birthday and I loved the idea, so I've made my own. Cancer is something which affects us all, as everyone knows someone who has suffered from it. In my case, one of my closest friends was diagnosed a few years ago and it was terrifying. He is now in full remission, but I saw first-hand what an enormous difference the organisations I've chosen to support made to his life. I would love to help them give this support to as many people as possible.

A donation of this sort will make a far bigger impact than getting a gift for me. I love the idea of being able to make a difference with a gift, so please consider making your own wish-list. That way I get to donate for you, and support a cause that you're passionate about.

Favorite gifts:

Treat and Prevent - Lung cancer research

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center


Your gift will support current research into new agents to treat lung cancer and prevent its recurrence. Memorial Sloan-Kettering researchers are evaluating new drugs for lung cancer, including getifinib (Iressa). First tested at MSKCC, getitinib is one of a new class of drugs known as signal transduction inhibitors, which work by blocking the signal that make cancer cells grow and spread.

CancerCare Assist® is one of the longest running and best regarded financial assistance programs in the country. Your contribution will help a family pay for homecare, childcare, transportation, medication and/or copays.


This gift will provide a cancer patient with a Chemo Comfort kit. In the kit are products to manage the side effects of chemotherapy such as a specific toothpaste, toothbrush and mouthwash to help cope with mouthsores. Also included in the kit are teas and other products to help with nausea; a sleep cap, satin pillowcase and socks for hair loss, warmth and comfort; a journal, meditation CD, book and "Anne Mari'es Helpful Hints" to empower and guide the patient through this experience. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A DONATION, NOT A WAY TO ORDER A KIT. If you want to order a gift kit, please visit our website and download an order form or request a brochure.

Make A Difference - Brain cancer research

Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure


Your gift will provide much needed hope to patients with brain cancer. You will move this underserved field forward to make a difference by bringing an innovative approach to finding therapies for this devastating disease.

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