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Teach Young Girls

Sesame Street Egypt

Sesame Workshop

Regular price $20.00

Your donation will help support Alam Simsim, the Egyptian version of Sesame Street., helping children learn about health and hygiene, the environment, letters, and numbers in fun and engaging ways. Alam Simsim encourages children--especially young girls--to be proud of who they are, appreciate different ways of life, and respect each other.

Teach Tolerance

Team-building programs

Global Fund for Children

Regular price $30.00

The Global Fund for Children supports grassroots organizations that target the needs of vulnerable boys. Your gift can help break the cycle of violence through programs that provide boys with alternatives to gang membership and war. Programs offer study centers, team sports, and classes on tolerance and leadership skills. By providing boys with positive, team-building activities, communities can raise confident men who choose peace over...

Teach the Joy

5 books for children

First Book

Regular price $15.00

Your gift will put five brand new books directly into the hands of children in need.

Teach Life Skills

Radio for an orphan

Freeplay Foundation

Regular price $65.00

The sturdy solar powered, wind-up Lifeline radio you will give will provide children with sustained access to programs which will explain the HIV virus, especially how it affects the body and how it can be contracted; It will tell them about AIDS prevention and treatment and warn them of dangerous for vulnerable children and how to protect oneself from attack and abuse. It will teach...

Teach A Kid A Skill

Trade skills for kids

Global Fund for Children

Regular price $40.00

The Global Fund for Children is one of the few organizations that make targeted investments in grassroots organizations worldwide that train and educate children in trade skills. Your gift will go toward programs that train children in important skills such as baking, dairy farming, fishing, carpentry, banking, and tailoring. Armed with these skills, children can stay off the streets and grow up to be contributing...

Support Training

Train One Teacher

Teach For America

Regular price $1,000.00

Your gift of $1,000 helps a Teach For America corps member to attend the summer training institute.

Support Housemother

For orphaned children

Flying Kites Inc

Regular price $200.00

This gift provides a salary for one of our Kenyan housemothers, or Aunties, at the Flying Kites Kinangop Childrens Center. These incredible and hardworking caretakers nurture our children in small, family style houses, giving the children security and a place to call home.

Support Generations

Intergenerational site

Generations United

Regular price $250.00

Provides materials and assistance to an intergenerational shared site seeking to serve old and young under one roof.

Support an Orphan

Give Humanitarian Aid

Children Creating Bridges Foundation Inc

Regular price $5.00

Your gift will provide life-saving infant formula and other basic needs to orphans in Ethiopia. Children Creating Bridges has a ongoing relationship with an orphanage and we are committed to helping them meet their humanitarian needs. In addition, we are helping them with the construction of a new facility that will provide a better environment for the children that they serve.

Support A Teacher

Support A Teacher

Teach For America

Regular price $60.00

For $60, enable Teach For America corps members to reach an additional public school student.

Summer Camp

Summer camp tuition

Hearts Of Gold Inc.

Regular price $250.00

This gift will provide tuition for a child living in an NYC shelter to attend summer camp. Summer camp allows the children to garner important social, creative, and educational experiences. We apply for scholarships and pay the remaining tuition so the children may attend a camp of their choice.

Spread the Magic

Books for afterschool

First Book

Regular price $180.00

Your gift will bring brand new books directly to afterschool programs that support children's literacy and education.

Spread Education

Programs for children

Global Fund for Children

Regular price $40.00

The Global Fund for Children seeks out educational organizations that are helping children learn despite all obstacles—and that are achieving results. We search for the most creative and successful methods to help children around the world receive a quality education. Your gift will support innovative programs that turn boats into schoolhouses or that hold classes on train platforms and by garbage dumps, where many children...

Sponsor Memberships

5 local memberships

Boundless Playgrounds

Regular price $500.00

$500 makes it possible to underwrite the cost of five community memberships in Boundless Playgrounds' Get Set Program. This program provides tools and information to help raise community awareness and funding for an inclusive playground project. Boundless™ playgrounds are tailor-made for the way children are naturally drawn to play, plus they are universally accessible so everyone can play side by side at his or her...

Sponsor Field Trips

For orphaned children

Flying Kites Inc

Regular price $35.00

Many of our children have faced extraordinary struggles in their short lives and have not experienced the carefree childhood we often associate with being a kid. This gift will fund Flying Kites Kinangop Children's Center's field trips for one year. Field trips give children a chance to explore the world around them and to enjoy just being a kid. This gift will fund a year...

Sponsor an Orphan

Weekly orphan sponsor

African Children's Haven

Regular price $10.00

Just $10 per week provides shelter, food, clothing, medical services and education for a child in need.

Sponsor A Teacher

Sponsor A Teacher

Teach For America

Regular price $5,000.00

Your gift of $5,000 sponsors a teacher and helps Teach For America to recruit, select, train, and support an additional corps member.

Sponsor a Teacher

One Month Salary

Better Future International

Regular price $200.00

Your gift ($200) will provide the salary of a teacher for one month. There are great advantages of receiving a quality education; our children will have an opportunity to create a better future for them selves.

Sponsor a Family

Help a family in need

Flying Kites Inc

Regular price $144.00

This gift will provide families caring for orphans with grants and food provisions. Grants, which range from $3 to $17 dollars a month, are awarded on a case-to-case basis, and are generally spent on school uniforms, housing needs and food. A contribution to the Outreach Program will help keep children where they need to be: in schools, and with their families.

Shower in a Bag

Newborn necessities

Hearts Of Gold Inc.

Regular price $50.00

This gift will provide a new mother a baby bag filled with bibs, baby blankets, pacifiers, wash cloths, teething rings, and a teddy bear, among other miscellaneous necessities.