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Nutritious meals

For orphaned children

Flying Kites Inc

Regular price $22.00

This gift will help us provide the children in our care with plentiful, nutritious food. It will help us purchase farm supplies, grow delicious food, and buy additional provisions. In a country continually plagued by drought and soaring food prices, securing healthy meals for a children's home and school can be difficult. We rely on our small farm for most of our Center's food, therefore...

Milk Money

Emergency food needs

Hearts Of Gold Inc.

Regular price $10.00

The Milk Money gift provides emergency funding to buy food and drinks for moms and children living in the shelter.

Home for a Day

For One Homeless Child

North County Solutions For Change Inc

Regular price $7.00

Your gift is an investment into the future of one of these children. Your gift will sponsor one homeless child and help provide this child with a home for one day. A decent and stable home is the foundation on which human beings build their lives. Homelessness or housing that is unaffordable defeats a person's best efforts to hold a job, perform in school, stay...

Heal A Family

1 application for care

Civic-Campaign For Innocent Victims In Conflict

Regular price $50.00

Your $50 donation allows CIVIC to find a child in need, make contact with the child's family, gather the necessary documents from within the war zone and apply for out-of-country care.

Give Medicine

For 1 child at an NRH

Nepal Youth Foundation

Regular price $13.00

This gift will provide much-needed medicine for one severely emaciated child while they are restored to good health at one of NYOF’s Nutritional Rehabilitation Homes (NRH) in Nepal. The child will stay at one of these small home-like hospitals, under supervision of nurses, a nutritionist, and a doctor, for about five weeks, until they are restored to full weight and good health. During this time,...

Give Education!

One rural scholarship

Nepal Youth Foundation

Regular price $75.00

This gift will provide the opportunity of education to an impoverished child in rural Nepal who has no other way to pay the school fees. It also provides the child’s school uniform, books, and other supplies. This child may be the first in their family to receive an education. The cost—$75 a year per child—is an incredible investment. An education will best prepare these youngsters...

Feed A Child

Feed a Child for Two Months

Partners in Health

Regular price $84.00

Your gift will provide food for the family of a malnourished child for two months.

Expand Health Care

$500 worth of medicine

International Relief Teams

Regular price $10.00

You can help a child who is sick, perhaps even save a life. Your donation will purchase critically needed medicines such as antiobiotics and vaccines for children living in impoverished countries where International Releif Teams serves. Your donation of $10 will buy $500 worth of medicines! What an incredible gift to give a child - the gift of health!

Educate A Child

Send A Child to School

International Humanity Foundation

Regular price $60.00

Each $60 donation helps a child be able to afford a six months of school’s requirements: uniform, textbooks, supplies, shoes, transportation for distances of over two miles, lunches if a child is going hungry, and teacher’s fees.

Comfort a Child

Train School Personnel

National Hospice Foundation

Regular price $36.00

Your donation will provide comfort for a grieving child by arming school personnel with the tools to effectively address the student’s needs. Research has confirmed teacher discomfort in discussing grief in the classroom. Most teachers need assistance in successfully dealing with a death in the life of a student, particularly a major loss. “Grief at School: A Manual for School Personnel" is an 83-page guide...

Build Awareness

Tools and materials

Boundless Playgrounds

Regular price $100.00

$100 makes it possible for Boundless Playgrounds to provide tools and materials to communities to build awareness, support and demand for their Boundless™ playground that will welcome all children. Boundless™ playgrounds are tailor-made for the way children are naturally drawn to play, plus they are universally accessible so everyone can play side by side at his or her own highest level of ability. No one...

Bridge the Divide

Teach young and old

Generations United

Regular price $15.00

Your gift provides access to program models and materials to begin or enhance an intergenerational technology program.

Baby essentials

Sturdy, Safe Equipment

Room To Grow National Inc.

Regular price $75.00

This gift will provide baby equipment to a family in need.

School-based Education Program

Unspoken Smiles Foundation

Regular price $0.00

Lifetime supply of toothpaste and brushes for 25 children.

Summer Leader

Girls In The Game

Regular price $0.00

Our Sports & Leadership Summer Camp provides an opportunity for girls to flex their leadership muscles and stay active over the summer! Girls learn over 20 different sports, interact with guests coaches, bond with their teammates, swim and go one field trips. Camp also includes free lunch and transportation. Over 90 percent of participants require a scholarship of some kind. Help create a summer to...

Regular price $0.00

Support the Magic of Health

American Friends Of Jordan River Village

Regular price $0.00

Your donation will enable the Village to stock all needed medication & equipment at 1 session of sick campers at the Village.

Regular price $0.00

Help sponsor a Big Brother or Sister for a child traumatized by terror.

Empower a Girl for a Day

Girls in the Game

Regular price $0.00

Our After School programs creates a safe space for girls each week. With consistent coaches, girls practice both new and familiar sports like rugby, dance, lacrosse, soccer, basketball and more along with health and leadership topics vital to their well-being. A gift of just $10 sends her to a day of After School programming!

Support the Magic of Creativity

American Friends Of Jordan River Village

Regular price $0.00

Your gift supports 1 arts & crafts workshop at a camp session at Jordan River Village