Advisors: Global Health




Seth Berkley MD

CEO | Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

Former President & CEO | International AIDS Vaccine Initiative

Mushtaque R. Chowdhury PhD

Dean  | School of Public Health at BRAC

Vice Chair | BRAC

Professor | School of Public Health at Columbia 

Founder | Bangladesh Education Watch

Founder | Bangladesh Health Watch


William Foege, MD PhD

Senior Fellow | Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Advisory Board | Emory University

Senior Fellow | The Carter Center

Laurie Garrett 

Senior Fellow for Global Health | Council on Foreign Relations

Jeffrey Powell Koplan MD, MPH

Director Global Health Institute | Emory University

Former director | Centers for Disease Control 

Lauren Le Roy PhD

Strategic adviser to foundations and nonprofit organizations focused on health & policy issues

Senior Fellow| University of California

Former President & CEO | Grantmakers In Health

Ruth Levine 

Director | Global Development and Population Program at The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Christopher Elias MD

President of Global Development | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


In Memoriam


Allan Rosenfield

Dean | Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University