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1. Create a Wish List

Join the site. Create a Wish List like this sample.


2. Add gift items to your Wish List

Add our animal welfare gifts, or add a gift to support any nonprofit. If you want to support a nonprofit, school, or teacher that does not yet have gifts on the site, be sure to provide their name, URL, and address for those who may not know.


3. Share

  • Send the invitation below to dog-lovers, veterinarians, animal welfare and rescue organizations, and anyone who may want to help.  
  • Encourage nonprofits, schools, and teachers to create their own wish lists.
  • Display our banners.
  • Let us know when your wish list is up, so we can feature you. Just email influencers [AT] ChangingThePresent [DOT] org.


Please Send This Invitation

Hello ______


I just discovered an exciting nonprofit website, It lets anyone give the gift of a donation in their friend's name, and a personalized greeting card makes it especially memorable. This is so much more more meaningful than another pair of fuzzy slippers! It is even tax-deductible.


You can support any nonprofit, school, or teacher. Yes, you can support your favorite animal welfare or rescue organization!


Here are two great ways to use the site to make a difference:

  1. Give the gift of a donation in a friend's name, in lieu of buying traditional presents.
  2. Create a wish list and ask people to donate instead of buying you presents that you may not want.

You can see my wish list at [add the URL of your wish list here].


Please share this with others who may want to help.


Thank you very much!




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