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Tina Ou

I am a student at Bronx Science (10468)

New York, NY

See my charitable wish list.

I hope you create one, too.

About Me

Hi! I am currently a rising senior at Bronx Science, and I live in Flushing, New York.

My Academics

My favorite subjects are math and Spanish.

My Extracurriculars

My extracurricular activities include volunteering at a Hyatt Place Flushing and Maryann Daycare Center.

My Sports Activities

I played varsity lacrosse since freshmen year, and I do Taekwondo outside of school.

Honors and Awards

I was a finalist in the WISE Research Competition and a Silver Medalist for the Spanish National Exam.

What I am Doing for a Better World

My Favorite Causes and Nonprofits

My favorite causes include lack of education, climate change, and Alzheimer's. My new favorite nonprofit is Changing The Present (this site).

My Lifestyle

My family reuses the plastic bags they receive from grocery shopping, and I take the bus to school every day. I also recycle plastic bottles and turn off the lights whenever I am not using them.

My Volunteering and Community Service

I am delighted to be interning at

My Charitable Wish List on Changing The Present

I love the idea of people changing the world with a meaningful donation instead of buying more unwanted presents. Please see my charitable wish list, which shows what I care about.

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