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Everyone Googles You

Everyone Googles You

When you apply to college, for a job or internship, for scholarships. When you meet someone at a party or online. They will google you.

They are looking for more than grades. They want to see what makes you you.  That includes your activities, what you care about, and what you are doing to make a difference.



"Selecting future Yale students was a combination of looking for those who would make the most of the extraordinary resources assembled here...and those with an outstanding public motivation - in other words, applicants with a concern for something larger than themselves."

Kingman Brewster
Former President

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“Test scores and grades offer some indication of students' academic promise and achievement. But we also scrutinize applications for extracurricular distinction and personal qualities."

William R. Fitzsimmons
              Dean of Admissions


"Nineteen percent of students entering MIT in 1977 reported being involved with some type of community service project or civic group. In the current freshman class, that number rises to 93%."

Stuart Schmill
                        Dean of Admissions


"The goal of the campus' admissions review process is to single out from a large and growing pool of academically strong applicants those unique individuals who have demonstrated the intellectual curiosity, tenacity and commitment to community service expected of the UCLA graduate."

 UCLA Admission Website

Columbia University

"The student's record of participation in the life of his or her school and community is also important..."

"What Does Columbia Look For?"
Columbia University Admissions Website


"Each applicant's record is. . . evaluated for participation in extra-curricular and community services, in addition to scholarly pursuits. . . Participation in meaningful school and community activities is an important factor."

Article: “Admission”
Publication: NYU website

Be Sure They See Something Impressive

Let them see something impressive and what you care about

Let them see what makes you you.  You will gain a distinct advantage when they see that more dimensional, likeable, impressive picture of who you are, when they see what you care about and what you are doing to make a difference, and when they recognize that your values align with theirs.

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  • link to your pages and websites you want them to see
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Sample Charitable Wish List

Sample Profile Page

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Why Our Nonprofit is Offering You a Profile Page


“An of the nonprofit world”

Recognition for Students Like You

We want to recognize and encourage everything students do to make the world a better place.

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Your $2 Donation Supports Your Favorite Cause & Provides Your Profile Page

Your $2 Donation Supports Your Favorite Cause and Provides Your Profile Page

For-profit websites where you might have a presence sell your data and bombard you with intrusive ads. Not us! We respect your privacy and never put ads on your page.

Your donation of just $2 (less than the cost of a cup of coffee) does two things:

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Another Opportunity: Join Us as a Public Engagement Intern

Another Opportunity: Join Us as a Public Engagement Intern

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