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Basic Needs


Countries and Regions


Support Farmers

Seed capital for one

The Marshall Legacy Institute

Regular price $100.00

Your gift will provide the seed capital necessary for a poor farmer in Nicaragua to take the first steps out of poverty by starting a microenterprise.

Support A Microloan

Microloan for a chick

Calvert Social Investment Foundation

Regular price $20.00

Your gift helps a microentrepreneur purchase livestock to expand her farm. These funds can the be used for her children's education, to feed the family, repair a home or grow her small business. Your gift is one of hope and opportunity!

Supply Knitting

Pair of llamas + sheep

Heifer Project International Inc

Regular price $500.00

Your donation will provide one breeding pair of llamas and one breeding pair of sheep for a family in Central or South America. The amount of wool these hardy animals can produce is just amazing, and in capable hands, it becomes almost liek currency--woolen yarn, fabric and clothing to be taken to market, which helps to pay for food, medicine, schooling for children, and so...

Supply Farmers

Seeds for 10 families

Cooperative Housing Foundation

Regular price $20.00

Your gift of $20 will allow CHF to provide 10 families with enough seeds to begin household farming activities throughout the world. This ensures that families have food security during the off-season by allowing them to grow fruits and vegetables that they can both consume and sell for additional income

Sponsor an orphan

One year of support

Food For Life Global

Regular price $420.00

As a Gokulam – Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home Child Sponsor you will personally invest in the life of an orphaned child. By sponsoring an orphaned child for just for little more than a dollar a day, you will enable a child to participate in one of the best orphan programs in Sri Lanka. Your child will be assured of complete health care, unconditional love, a full...

Sponsor A Breakfast

Farmers and Congress

The Partnership to Cut Hunger and Poverty in Africa

Regular price $2,000.00

Your gift of $2000 will sponsor a Capitol Hill breakfast for Congressmen, staff and U.S. Executive Agency personnel to hear directly from African farmers and agribusinesses about their experiences with AGOA and their priorities for assistance that will help them export more agricultural products. Increased exports will create more jobs in the African countryside and have a real impact on African poverty and hunger.

Show Shear Kindness

One sheep for a family

Heifer Project International Inc

Regular price $120.00

Your gift will help provide a family with a high-quality sheep, training in its care, and the opportunity to escape relentless hunger and poverty. Since sheep often give birth to twins or triplets, your generosity will quickly spread as partner families pass on the gift.

Set Farm Standards

One hour of research

Sustainable Food Laboratory

Regular price $40.00

Your gift will pay for one hour of a researcher's time to build on current efforts to address sustainability issues in palm oil, cotton, soy, sugar, coffee and other commodities by looking across commodities. The research will determine the key impacts that matter most for water, soil, biodiversity, toxicity and greenhouse gas emissions and find indicators to measure them.

Seeds for Change

1 acre communal garden

SEVA Foundation

Regular price $50.00

This gift will provide seeds for a 1 acre community garden. Healthy traditional foods such as corn, beans and squash help Native Americans fight an epidemic of diabetes on their reservation.

Re-Frame the Debate

Share one local story

Ecoagriculture Partners

Regular price $50.00

Small, but strategic messages through the media and targeted advocacy can make a big difference in policy decisions. Your donation will help raise awareness of ecoagriculture issues and re-shape policy debates, by helping rural communities tell their stories. With your support, Ecoagriculture Partners will: compile the stories of specific communities’ ecoagriculture landscapes; illustrate their stories with videos and interactive web tools; and use their stories...

Raise Awareness

Biosafety posters

Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa

Regular price $75.00

Your donation will be used to assist farmers in getting access to biotechnology products developed by researchers. It will support an initiative by scientists, farmers and policy makers to develop biosafety systems in Africa. African governments will then be guided on which biotechnology tools and products will work under what circumstances to increase farmer’s productivity. The gift visualizes the efforts scientists and researchers are making...

Protect Livestock

Guard dog for a month

Cheetah Conservation Fund

Regular price $50.00

Since 1994, CCF has placed over 260 livestock guarding dogs. The puppies bond with their herds and protect the herds from predators. Most farmers with these dogs from CCF report dramatic reductions of livestock losses due to cheetahs and other predators. In turn, this helps the farmers implement improved livestock management techniques and encourages the farmers to co-exist with cheetahs instead of removing cheetahs from...

Protect Farmland

Education for farmers

American Farmland Trust

Regular price $25.00

With a gift of $25, American Farmland Trust is able to produce landowner guides that help educate four farmers and ranchers on how to protect their land and keep it healthy for future generations.

Promote Fair Trade

Education materials

TransFair USA

Regular price $25.00

Your gift will allow us to teach consumers about Fair Trade and its benefits with TransFair USA’s point-of-purchase promotional materials. Help make it possible for TransFair USA to distribute informational and educational materials to the public for free.

Promote Fair Prices

Family farm evaluation

Sustainable Food Laboratory

Regular price $40.00

Help determine a “fair price" for produce from family farms in developing countries selling to global markets. Forward thinking companies that want to do the right thing need to know how their business practices impact on poverty. In some cases they need to know what a "fair price," rather than the "lowest possible price" would be. Fund one hour of an expert's time to evaluate...

Produce Coffee

Training for a farmer


Regular price $50.00

TechnoServe has supported the Tanzanian coffee industry in its transformation from a low-quality coffee producing nation to a source of the world’s finest boutique specialty coffees. The transition to higher quality arabica beans will lead to higher incomes for Tanzanian coffee farmers, allowing the to pay for education and health care for their family and communities. A $50 gift will provide entrepreneurship and quality improvement...

Preserve Ecosystems

Small-scale farming

TransFair USA

Regular price $50.00

Fair Trade makes traditional small-scale, intercropped agriculture profitable, keeping families on their ancestral lands, promoting environmental stewardship, and discouraging deforestation. TransFair USA makes the U.S. consumer economy an engine for uniquely sustainable development. Your gift will help preserve threatened agroecosystems in the developing world.

Plant New Crops

Row of research crops

Rural Advancement Foundation International-USA

Regular price $50.00

This gift will plant one row of research crops on an organic farm. This row will be part of project to develop seed varieties that grow best on organic farms, and that are owned by the public, not corporations. The research project will be led by a coalition of organic farmers, plant breeders, extension agents and researchers. This project will focus on varieties of soybeans,...

Plant Clone Machine

Complete System

Food For Life Global

Regular price $1,303.00

The Modular Clone Machine 282 uses the Botanicare 2' x 4' propagation trays with lids to create an expandable cloning system. You can start small and expand as you need. Each tray has 141 plant sites. This 2-tray version has 282 plant sites.??Modular Clone Machines have really high quality powder-coated stands so they'll last nearly forever. The reservoir is separate for easy access and cleaning....

Plant A Tree

Seedlings for a family

Heifer Project International Inc

Regular price $60.00

Trees have many functions on small family farms. Their roots hold precious top soil in place, and the branches of some varieties provide vitamin-laden fruit--a ready source of both nutrition and income. And in regions where cooking is still done with firewood, families with trees can use fallen branches instead of purchasing or poaching from forest reserves.