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Basic Needs


Countries and Regions


Essential Oils

Market Growth in Nepal

IDE-International Development Enterprises

Regular price $10.00

Your gift will be used to give small farmers in rural Nepal new market opportunities to sell their essential oil products domestically and globally. Specifically, IDE will provide business training, technical support, and solid market information to the farmers who grow and extract essential oils from lemongrass, citronella, menthol, and curry leaves. These tools will allow small farmers to lift themselves and their communities out...

Equip Universities

Classroom supplies

Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa

Regular price $150.00

Your donation will assist universities in improving the physical conditions (e.g. purchase up-to-date publications, add research equipment to the laboratories, etc) to strengthen teaching, research and educational programs and to ameliorate the quality of higher education in Africa. The fund will also be used to tackle the problems such as insufficient teaching facilities or qualified teachers, out-of-date course materials and research equipment, poor educational infrastructure,...

Equip A Scientist

One computer for Africa

Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa

Regular price $200.00

Your donation will provide a computer to one of the many hardworking African scientists struggling to respond to diverse challenges faced by African farmers which are taken for granted by farmers in the US or Europe such as increase yield, fighting pests and diseases. At least five African scientists would share one computer if not, they go to Internet cafés to work on their data...

Enroll A Student

One year of university

Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa

Regular price $300.00

Your donation will enable a child from a poor African family to enroll in university and take courses in sustainable agriculture or other development-related fields to obtain the necessary knowledge to battle poverty and achieve economic growth in Africa. Your donation will not only aid an African child with his/her personal development by fulfilling his/her desire to learn, but also equip him/her with the knowledge...

Enable Prosperity

Equip a Rural Farmer

IDE-International Development Enterprises

Regular price $24.00

This gift will allow a small family farm in Nepal, Zambia or Nicaragua to experience the benefits of micro irrigation. Introducing low cost drip irrigation systems and better agriculture training will provide small land holding farmers with real solutions and the means to increase their income year after year in a responsible, low-impact way. Your gift also supports practical and tangible training for the family....

Enable Growth

Provide Education

IDE-International Development Enterprises

Regular price $250.00

Your gift of $250 will allow a one year training commitment to be given to a rural farming family in Zambia. This training will consist of improved irrigation and planting techniques and will also teach the farmers how to access and use affordable water technology, effective and safe fertilizer, and high quality seeds to increase productivity. Your gift will grow exponentially as it makes a...

Educate Farmers

Farmer field training

Ecoagriculture Partners

Regular price $50.00

Your donation will help our partners discover successful ecoagriculture solutions, and allow farmers to share their knowledge in local settings and throughout the world. With your gift, we can: support field visits in India for farmers to learn ecoagriculture practices for growing medicinal plants around Protected Areas; make it possible for farmers in Uganda to receive expert advice on converting their plots from sun to...

Educate Farmers

Coffee crop support

Freeplay Foundation

Regular price $65.00

The Lifeline radio will boost coffee taste and quality in Rwanda by broadcasting agricultural advice to growers – like when to spray insecticide to ensure their coffee trees are pest free. Farmers will also enjoy market –pricing transparency, learn up to date growing techniques, listen to weather bulletins and share information among competing coffee co operatives – all broadcast in their local language. Many farmers...

Develop Leaders

Resources for farmers

TransFair USA

Regular price $75.00

Fair Trade offers democratically organized farmers and workers in 50 developing countries a mechanism to overcome this power imbalance by becoming owners and operators of their own successful international enterprises.

Connect Farmers

Technology access

Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa

Regular price $20.00

Your donation will help farmers get connected to scientists or technology developers. Farmers will be able to access the required technology to increase their productivity, fight the rampant pests and diseases, and drought. With your donation, research scientists can listen to farmers to develop required technology and they would encourage farmers to improve their harvest. An increased harvest can enable farmers to store more food...

Connect A Farmer

One phone or radio

Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa

Regular price $90.00

Your donation will provide a mobile phone (and a year’s service fee) or a radio to a farmer to enable him to communicate with his peers, researchers, or agriculture advisory services. It will empower him/her to exchange and acquire information: how to improve harvest, fight rampant pests and diseases, and acquire the best varieties. This compensates for the poor basic infrastructure of agricultural information systems...

Certify Justice

One AJP audit

Rural Advancement Foundation International-USA

Regular price $500.00

This gift will enable one farm or other food business to be certified under Agricultural Justice Project standards. It brings fair, local, organic food to market and improves conditions for farmers and workers. The AJP's standards ensure fair working conditions and wages for people in every part of organic food production, from farmers and farm workers to retail employees. AJP provides marketplace rewards for family...

Build Capacity

Organic farm training

The Marshall Legacy Institute

Regular price $500.00

Your gift will enable our local partner agency to train a poor farmer in organic, sustainable approaches to agriculture so that they can grow healthy food, increase their yield, use biogas generators, increase income for their family, and protect the environment. Through our local partner, Sustainable Harvest International, Trickle Up provides communities with 1 to 3 years of training and monitoring in cost-effective organic farming...

Animals in Darfur

Care for one animal

Cooperative Housing Foundation

Regular price $25.00

Your gift of $25 will allow CHF to provide mobile veterinary care including shots and disease prevention for the people of Darfur. Included in this care are sheep, chickens, donkeys, and other livestock that provide valuable income for refugees and displaced persons. This ensures that families have food security during the off-season by allowing them to yield milk, wool or even help with fieldwork.