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Support 20 Women

Support 2 PWG's

Dress for Success Worldwide

Regular price $3,000.00

Your gift will fund 2 Professional Women’s Groups of 10 women each for an entire year. Membership includes 12 career development and networking meetings, two graduation ceremonies, and additional access to information on financial literacy, work/life balance, workplace communication and more. Professional Women’s Group provides a safe environment where women can learn how to network, develop their professional skills and advance in their careers.

Strive for Security

Mobilize 50 people

Equality Now

Regular price $33.00

Your gift will enable Equality Now to produce and distribute Women's Action campaign alerts to approximately 50 members of the Women's Action Network, who voice their opposition to human rights violations against women and girls by contacting government authorities, circulating petitions and raising awareness in their communities. When governments encounter protest from around the world, they know they are being held accountable for these human...

Start a Fruit Stand

Microfinance a woman's fruit stand

Grameen Foundation USA

Regular price $95.00

Your gift will provide a loan for one woman to start a fruit stand at her local market, giving her a way to break through poverty, gain self-confidence and expand job opportunities in her community. Microfinance is one of the most powerful solutions to poverty in existence today. It attacks poverty at its roots and allows a poor person to gain a foothold against day-to-day...

Spread the Fun!

Games for AFG Shelter

Alternatives for Girls

Regular price $25.00

This gift will provide board games and/or DVDs for the young women who live at the AFG shelter. Game nights and movie nights conjure up images of friends gathering together, sharing in the laughter and camaraderie of being among loved ones. Help us create these same feelings for young homeless women who might not have experienced such gatherings. For a $25 gift, you allow us...

Share Literature

Book for print disabled

Feminist Majority Foundation

Regular price $100.00

Your gift will make a new popular literature book available to thousands of people who would otherwise be without access. Your book will be added to Bookshare.org, an online digital library of over 29,000 books and newspapers for the print disabled. Thousands of Bookshare.org members will be able to download your book to read it as Braille, in large print or as synthesized speech. Bookshare.org...

Recruit A Youth

PeaceGAMES workshop

Women of Color Resource Center

Regular price $20.00

Your donation will sponsor the participation of a young person in one PeaceGAMES (Gender and Militarism Education Strategies) curriculum workshop. PeaceGAMES is a popular education curriculum on militarism and gender. In one workshop, he/she will learn how US militarism impacts our lives and popular culture; take critical look at military advertising; and hear stories of women of color veterans who are speaking out against the...

Provide Security

One inventory loan

Foundation for International Community Assistance

Regular price $250.00

A $250 loan can help a woman in Georgia diversify her inventory, purchasing shoes and clothing to sell, making her less vulnerable to changes in local market demands. And you're providing a self-employment loan, not a gift. Your donation will build discipline, responsibility, and self-confidence as women create their own business. And as each loan is repaid, the borrower's line of credit increases by an...

Provide Safety

Safehouse supplies

American Refugee Committee

Regular price $1,000.00

Your gift will provide safehouse supplies for one month, making sure women and children don't suffer further attacks. A safehouse provides them with protection from their attackers. There they can recover, receive medical treatment and counseling and pursue justice, if they so choose. What could be a more important gift? Your special someone will thank you for the opportunity to be a part of ending...

Protect A Clinic

One day of an organizer

Feminist Majority Foundation

Regular price $50.00

The Feminist Majority Foundation’s National Clinic Access Project is the oldest and largest clinic defense program in the country, working to keep women’s health clinics open in the face of violence and intimidation, and to bring anti-abortion terrorists to justice. We work with some 587 independent women’s health clinics. FMF clinic defense organizers regularly provide assistance to local communities and clinics that have been singled...

Promote Literacy

One year of classes

Women for Women International

Regular price $45.00

A gift of $45 will teach a woman basic reading and numeracy skills and how to write her name during one year of bi-weekly literacy classes. In a country where only 50 percent of the women have even basic literacy, you will help a woman learn the skills she needs to survive after war and protect herself -- so she will not be cheated by...

Prevent FGM

One rite of passage


Regular price $100.00

Gift provides an alternative rite of passage for one Maasai girl who refuses to submit to FGM. $100 allows a girl to spend a month at V-Day Safe House for Girls in Narok, Kenya. In 2002, V-Day helped found Safe House to provide a safe haven for Maasai girls. The girls live at Safe House while they complete alternative rite of passage which reflects traditional...

Make Kids Healthy

Five healthy meals

Alternatives for Girls

Regular price $30.00

This gift provides five healthy meals for participants in our after-school programming. An essential component of our programming is to provide a full meal since many of the Prevention participants might not receive an adequate meal at home. In the high school program, the teens cook the meals themselves, so they learn how to cook nutritious meals. Your gift will allow us to buy healthy...

Light A House

Solar lighting system

Barefoot College

Regular price $500.00

Your gift will provide a rural household with a fixed solar lighting system, providing three hours of lighting nightly for five years. Barefoot solar engineers trained for 6 months by the Barefoot College are solar-electrifying every house in their villages in India, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Cameroon and Bhutan. Photo Credit: Barefoot Photographers of Tilonia

Light A House

One solar lantern

Barefoot College

Regular price $250.00

Your gift will provide a solar lantern for a rural house, which provides two hours of light every night for two years. Barefoot solar engineers trained by the Barefoot College fabricate and maintain solar lanterns used to provide light in their communities. Your contribution will provide materials and training for these solar engineers. Photo Credit: Barefoot Photographers of Tilonia

Launch A Career

Funds for women

Global Fund for Women

Regular price $65.00

Help groups like Project Baobab in Kenya and Abdi Acih in Indonesia with start-up funds to young women to design and implement business plans to achieve economic independence.

Increase Profits

Loan for one mother

Foundation for International Community Assistance

Regular price $25.00

With a $25 loan, a Honduran mother can sell more tortillas, increase her profit and keep her children in school. And you're providing a self-employment loan, not a gift. Your donation will build discipline, responsibility, and self-confidence as women create their own business. And as each loan is repaid, the borrower's line of credit increases by an amount equal to her accumulated savings.

Improve Maternal Care

Obstetric training

African Medical and Research Foundation

Regular price $100.00

AMREF trains nurses and midwives how to properly manage a woman in labor, how to prevent hemorrhage and infection, and how to recognize when she needs a caesarean section and must be taken to a hospital. They are also trained in proper care of newborns: how to cut and tie the umbilical cord, to warm the baby, and to encourage the mother to breastfeed immediately,...

Help Sick Women

One month of treatment

Feminist Majority Foundation

Regular price $105.00

The Feminist Majority Foundation runs the only Mifepristone Compassionate Use Program in the country. Our program serves as the only hope for many critically ill patients, mostly women, who have exhausted all standard therapies, including chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. Mifepristone is a life line for these women, and some men, some of whom have depended on this drug for over a decade. Since the program’s...

Help Ms. Investigate

One Ms. investigation

Feminist Majority Foundation

Regular price $75.00

Ms. is in a position to fill this gap of solid investigative reporting. With limited resources, Ms. has been successful in breaking investigative news. For example, in Spring 2006, Ms. sent an investigative team to the U.S. territory of the Northern Mariana Islands to expose the sweatshop conditions for women workers and put a woman’s face on Jack Abramoff’s scandalous lobbying. Ms. sparked renewed action...

Help Afghan Widows

Tools to make balls

Beyond The 11th Incorporated

Regular price $50.00

Your gift will provide an Afghan widow with all the tools she will need to manufacture soccer balls from her home. Ball manufacturing can truly improve the quality of an Afghan widow's life: * Many widows are not allowed to leave home; balls can be sewn at home. * The skills required for making balls are primarily sewing, building on traditional skills previously learned in...