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Buy A Loom

Help an Afghan weaver

Arzu Inc

Regular price $300.00

Your donation buys a quality rug loom for a weaver whose earnings are the sole source of income for her family. By providing a loom for a weaver, you support sustainable income for women in Afghanistan - many of whom have become widows during the war and are responsible for single-handedly supporting the entire family.

Train Women

Skills for 25 women

American Refugee Committee

Regular price $250.00

Your donation changes everything for a woman and her family. Small business and skills training, coupled with a small loan or grant, makes an immeasurable impact. A mother can start a small business that feeds her family and clothes her kids. She can send them to school and give them the chance for a better future. Where else can you get a gift that changes...

Help Afghan Widows

Tools to make balls

Beyond The 11th Incorporated

Regular price $50.00

Your gift will provide an Afghan widow with all the tools she will need to manufacture soccer balls from her home. Ball manufacturing can truly improve the quality of an Afghan widow's life: * Many widows are not allowed to leave home; balls can be sewn at home. * The skills required for making balls are primarily sewing, building on traditional skills previously learned in...