Jane Smith

I am an undergraduate at Northeastern University

My birthday is March 22, 2001

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About Me

I am the biggest animal-lover you have ever met! That includes my dog and cat (Taco and Tofu), my horse (Edgar Allan Pony), the hummingbirds outside my mom’s kitchen window, the wildlife I see when camping Yosemite, or the whales and elephants that I hope to see in person someday. This passion has shaped my studies, my weekend adventures, my philanthropy, and my career plans.

My Academics

I’m a junior, majoring in Environmental Science with a minor in Psychology. Because climate change threatens all my animal friends (and all of us!), I am excited to be working in Dr. Henderson’s lab on research into alternative energy sources.

My Extracurriculars

Outside of class, I am the Vice President of the UMD Wildlife and Conservation Club. When we are not out hiking and doing clean-ups, we work to spread awareness of the importance of protecting our natural environment. I’m also the Secretary of my sorority, Delta Delta Delta. As the name implies, we are all about change, and we support The Sierra Club. We are the Green Greeks! We maintain a sustainable lifestyle at our sorority house, and we promote that practice to all Greek life on campus!

My Athletics

I’m the goalkeeper on an undefeated club soccer team at UMD. I’ve met so many amazing people, and I love the competition. I’m also the co-captain of the intramural tennis team. We hope to bring home the championship this year! Go Terps!

My Plans for the Future

After graduate school, I plan to become a climate scientist and advocate. I want to continue my research on how best to combat climate change and get better policies put into action!

My Honors and Awards

Dean’s List every semester

Sorority Member of the Year

Environmental Research Grant

My Languages

I love learning new languages! I’m fluent in French and can get around in Spanish. I just started learning Italian as well, grazie per aver letto la mia pagina!



Data analytics (I love Python)

Academic writing

How to care for a baby elephant

My Favorite Quote

The future will either be green or not at all.” — Bob Brown

What I am Doing for a Better World

My Thoughts on Making a Difference

Our generation is dedicated to making the world more just and sustainable, and I am inspired by the words and actions of so many good people. I am dedicated to doing my part, and maybe I can encourage others to do the same.

My Favorite Causes

Environment, Climate Change, Animal Welfare

My Favorite Nonprofits

The Sierra Club, ASPCA, World Wildlife Fund, 350.org, Save the Elephants

My Lifestyle

I make an effort to live sustainably because every person’s choices make a difference in the fight against climate change. I am vegan, recycle, avoid single-use plastic, and bike whenever I can.

My Volunteering and Community Service

I volunteer weekly at the local garden to provide sustainable food to families in need. I also plant trees and remove invasive species bi-weekly for the UMD Wildlife Conservation Club. Each summer, I go abroad to work on wildlife conservation. We protect elephants and rhinos, and we care for those that cannot return to their native habitats. I am also a Public Engagement Intern for the Environment with Changing The Present.

My Fundraising

Most of my charitable fundraising has been through my sorority, and last year we raised twelve thousand dollars for Sierra Club. I was also proud to raise four hundred dollars for Children’s National Hospital through Terp Thon, our college danceathon.

Charitable Wish Lists on Changing The Present

Please see my charitable wish list. I ask my friends and family to making donations to support the causes I’m passionate about instead of buying me more stuff” that I don’t really need.

Let's Make a Difference Together

In addition to my charitable wish list, you can donate any amount now to show your love and fund a charitable gift card, which I will use to support my favorite causes.

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