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Arts and Culture

Sponsor A Classroom

Drawing material

Art in All of Us

Regular price $17.00

A donation of 17 USD will provide drawing material to a class of 40 children for one trimester. With the tools, schools can mobilize to make art classes happen. Through your donation, Art in All of Us ensures art materials are supplied to classrooms in the most disadvantaged countries. With your financial support to purchase drawing materials, AiA children will have fun and continue learning...

Welcome Artists

One museum admission

CEC ArtsLink

Regular price $20.00

Visual artists, curators and critics from Central Europe, Russia and Central Asia visit New York, but there's never enough time to see everything, whether they stay here for a week or 4 weeks. For many, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, the realization of a dream, and a gift they will cherish forever. Your gift will provide museum admission for a visiting artist.

Transport Artists

One week of travel

CEC ArtsLink

Regular price $24.00

New Yorkers get around by subway and bus. The Metropolitan Transit Authority 7-day unlimited use card, which your gift provides, is a terrific bargain for visitors.

Train Museum Staff

One curator visit

CEC ArtsLink

Regular price $125.00

A U.S. visa costs more than a month's salary for a young Russian museum worker. This gift will cover the visa associated with a professional residency within one of many prestigious US cultural organizations.

Your contribution will support the important work of your favorite Art Nonprofit and help make the world a better place.

Support an Artist

Express yourself

Boys and Girls Club Of Sierra Vista Inc

Regular price $15.00

Your gift of $15 helps purchase a variety of art supplies. This program enables our Club Members to develop their creativity and cultural awareness through knowledge and appreciation of the visual arts, crafts, performing arts, and creative writing.

Support An Artist

The gift of time

The MacDowell Colony

Regular price $100.00

Your gift to help provide financial aid stipends to artists makes it possible for them to accept Fellowships to work at MacDowell. Stipends are especially critical for many emerging artists and those who find it impossible to support themselves solely through the creation of art. By eliminating financial barriers to accepting a Fellowship, you will be helping to provide the opportunity of a residency to...

Sponsor An Event

Child art exhibition

Art in All of Us

Regular price $1,000.00

The organization of exhibition has always been one of the best ways to raise awareness and funds in a city helps us promote our goal of encouraging cross cultural exchanges and understanding. Your donation of 1000 USD will cover the cost of a venue, framing and printing of all the artwork, as well as the marketing material required to promote the event and invite participants....

Sponsor A Country

Inspire our children

Art in All of Us

Regular price $750.00

The goal is for each child to be able to take photographs and present their country creatively through drawings and poetries. The AiA instructors also conduct interactive artistic activities with the children, presenting to them the lives of children in other countries through photos and other creative material in order to awaken awareness to other cultures worldwide. Afterwards they conduct a training of local teachers...

Sponsor 2 Schools

Art Pen Pal Program

Art in All of Us

Regular price $90.00

Today, we have set up a network of schools around the world, which are participating in the Art Pen Pal Program. This gives children an opportunity to communicate through their artwork and learn about the lives of children just like them from around the world. Your donation of 90 USD is the average postage fee that enables 2 schools around the world to exchange the...

Shelve It

1 kiln shelf

Archie Bray Foundation

Regular price $75.00

This gift will provide one kiln shelf for use in one of the Bray’s 25 kilns.

Shed Some Light

1 case of lights

Archie Bray Foundation

Regular price $50.00

This gift will purchase one case of flood and spot lights for the gallery.

Share the Arts

Arts for five students

Sing For Hope

Regular price $25.00

This gift will provide 5 underserved students with 1 hour of much-needed arts and leadership instruction. Sing for Hope's arts education approach centers on the concept of arts activism, or art as a means to better our world. Students use basic instruction in music, dance, drama, and the visual arts to address a cause of concern in their community. Each Sing for Hope residency culminates...

Provide Access

Internet or phone card

CEC ArtsLink

Regular price $10.00

Your gift will provide one internet or phone card to a local artist. Discount rate cards can be purchased for Internet access and international telephone time.

Provide Access

Computer for one week

CEC ArtsLink

Regular price $150.00

Ready access to a laptop computer for writing, for working with photographs, video and music, for access to the Internet and email all multiply the breadth and impact of a Fellow's month-long stay in the U.S. At the conclusion of their residencies, the 15 Fellows gather at CEC to share the record of their work, and to talk about the experience of working in a...

Promote Tolerance

Workshop in a school

Art in All of Us

Regular price $40.00

The AiA Awareness Program team also introduces children to art created by students from other countries where our programs have taken place in the past. This experience awakens their awareness and curiosity of other cultures worldwide, creating an opportunity to see that children around the world aren’t that different. A donation of 40 USD will support the AiA team to conduct the Awareness Program in...

Print AiA Cards

Fundraising material

Art in All of Us

Regular price $250.00

Your donation of 250 USD will enable us to print and distribute these valuable fundraising merchandise materials and help promote the Art in All of Us programs. More at

Nourish Creativity

Lunch for an artist

The MacDowell Colony

Regular price $10.00

Your gift will provide an artist with a peaceful day to work undisturbed with the gift of a nourishing lunch basket left on the studio porch. The MacDowell Colony exists to nurture the creative process. Away from the demands of everyday life in a quite, natural setting, artists can focus on their work. Your gift of an artist’s lunch basket supports a time-honored tradition at...

Month of "Fun" Days

Children’s Clay Camps

Archie Bray Foundation

Regular price $100.00

Clay Camps at the Archie Bray Foundation immerse students from kindergarten through high school in the creative process. The international resident artists at the Bray teach week-long sessions that explore hand-building, throwing, glazing, and firing. As a result, children gain a new appreciation for their own ideas and abilities. Your gift will help ensure that children have every opportunity to develop to their fullest potential.

Maintain A Space

Art studios

The MacDowell Colony

Regular price $50.00

Your gift will support the places where great works of art are being created by some of today’s most talented artists. An important aspect of the “MacDowell experience" resides in the Colony’s 32 separate studio buildings, spread across 450 woodland acres. MacDowell’s facilities are regarded as among the best in the field; its studios are designed for artists of specific disciplines, each of which has...