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Arts and Culture

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Religious Charities

Maintain A Space

Art studios

The MacDowell Colony

Regular price $50.00

Your gift will support the places where great works of art are being created by some of today’s most talented artists. An important aspect of the “MacDowell experience" resides in the Colony’s 32 separate studio buildings, spread across 450 woodland acres. MacDowell’s facilities are regarded as among the best in the field; its studios are designed for artists of specific disciplines, each of which has...

Interpret Russian

One hour of work

CEC ArtsLink

Regular price $20.00

Experienced English or Russian interpreters are a regular part of master classes and seminars, and a member of the team in any joint arts project.

Host An Artist

Room and board

CEC ArtsLink

Regular price $95.00

Your gift will provide one night's hotel in Bishkek, capital of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Fun Geography Class

Semester of creativity

Art in All of Us

Regular price $450.00

Our objectives are: -To teach tolerance and cultures through kids’ art -To open children’s eyes on other cultures and people -To use children’s art or other pedagogical material -To encourage a wider diffusion of cultures and children’s art to schools and children centers. -To be easily replicable and enable capacity building -To make the material used available online and in remote areas With a donation...

Food for Thought

1 artist's stipend

Archie Bray Foundation

Regular price $200.00

This gift will provide one resident artist with a stipend to offset living costs for one month.

Feel the Heat

1 box of cones

Archie Bray Foundation

Regular price $10.00

This gift will provide one box of cones for use in the resident artist studios.

Equip Seminars

Video projector rental

CEC ArtsLink

Regular price $50.00

Your gift will rent a video projector for a seminar. Video projectors and sound systems are available to rent locally. We must cover the cost, which is beyond the means of local hosts. We can do it with your help.

Equip Artists

6 hours digital tape

CEC ArtsLink

Regular price $25.00

Your gift will provide 2 packages of Mini DV videotapes to an artist, giving them 6 hours of recording time. They cost far less in the U.S. than Central Asia and Russia.

Empower an Artist

Month of Legal Service

Internetbar Org Inc

Regular price $25.00

Your gift will provide 1 month of access to the Legal Empowerment Network. The Legal Empowerment Network educates artists in impoverished communities on their intellectual property rights. Through an online platform, lawyers work pro-bono to give advice and help artists to mediate their legal agreements. Many people who are born in to slums are without birth certificates or identification. This prevents them from accessing the...

Elevate Art

1 gallery pedestal

Archie Bray Foundation

Regular price $25.00

This gift will provide one display pedestal for the gallery.

Duplicate DVDs

One hour of conversion

CEC ArtsLink

Regular price $65.00

Your gift will provide one hour of DVD or tape conversion and duplication.

Creative Excellence

Month of studio space

Archie Bray Foundation

Regular price $600.00

The Bray is committed to maintaining the quality of the resident experience and in 2005 opened a new 12,000 square-foot state of the art studio complex with ten individual studios, kiln facilities, and special spaces for mold making and glazing. Making an individual studio available for each resident artist free of charge provides an “empty canvas” that allows ceramic artists the space to think, explore...

Commission Fund

Fund new commissions

Performa Inc

Regular price $1,000.00

Enjoy first hand experience of the artistic process – conversation, studio visits, and rehearsals – with Performa Commissioned artists, as they work to realize their visions for an extraordinary new art of the 21st Century. Be directly involved with one of the most dynamic arts organizations working in New York and internationally that is changing the way we view and understand contemporary art. Experience master...

Build Art Libraries

Books and magazines

CEC ArtsLink

Regular price $25.00

Books, magazines, CD's and DVD's are precious gifts for visual artists, arts schools and organizations in Central Asia. When we send American specialists to the region, we supply them with as many as they can carry. Your support for this gift will reach hundreds of students, teachers, curators, and aspiring artists.

Arts Leaders

Next Generation

Americans For The Arts Inc

Regular price $150.00

Your gift will support scholarship aid for young artists and arts professionals to attend professional development programs, including the Americans for the Arts Annual Convention and National Arts Marketing Project Conference. Both gatherings offer emerging arts leaders a productive meeting ground for professional development, networking and personal renewal. Join fellow art lovers to help develop the next generation of arts leaders.