Facts About Hunger



In Sub-Saharan Africa, 200 million people go hungry every day.




250 million people have died of hunger-related causes in the last 25 years--roughly 10 million each year.




Land degradation from deforestation, waste disposal and overuse of fertilizers has rendered one third of the earth's soil unfit for growing food.

New York Times



1 in 5 people worldwide go to bed hungry each night.

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30 million Americans -- 13 million of them children -- live in households that cannot afford an adequate and balanced diet.

Millennium Declaration to End Hunger in America



Each day, 19,000 people die of hunger and hunger-related diseases. That is 13 people every minute of every hour of every day.

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The worst earthquake in modern history killed 242,000 people in China in 1976. Hunger kills that many people every 12 days.

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The amount of grain produced in the world today could provide each person on the planet with the equivalent of two loaves of bread per day.

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The average American family throws away 14 percent of its food.




1 in 9 American families are food-insecure.