Facts About Children and Youth



1 in 12 children die before their fifth birthday, most from preventable causes.

Deseret News



In 2003, immunization prevented 2 million child deaths, making it the most cost-effective intervention to improve child survival.




Every three seconds, one child dies from preventable causes...20 each minute...1200 an hour...29,000 per day...every day.

PUSH Journal



Worldwide, 200 million children live in poverty. This is equal to the populations of Russia and Italy combined.

PUSH Journal



130 million children are illiterate...more than the entire population of Japan.

PUSH Journal



Out of 100 children born in 2000, 30 will suffer from malnutrition in their first five years of life, 26 will not be immunized against basic childhood diseases, 19 will lack access to safe drinking water and 40 to adequate sanitation, and 17 will never go to school.




13 million children in the United States live in households that must skip meals due to economic restraints.

Oakland Institute



1 in 6 children worldwide are child laborers.

International Labor Organization



It costs as much as $75,000 per year to keep a young adult in jail. By contrast, it costs just $200 per youth to run a Boys & Girls Club.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America



Each day, 7,000 young people become infected with HIV/AIDS.

PUSH Journal