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More and more people are delighting friends and loved ones with the most meaningful presents: charitable contributions given in their name. A beautiful personalized greeting card makes it truly memorable.


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Let friends and loved ones know that you would welcome a donation in your name to make a difference, instead of yet more "stuff." It just takes a minute to create a Wish List or Registry.



Educate Young Girls

Food for education

Friends of the World Food Program, Inc.

Regular price $60.00

Your gift will provide take-home food rations to girls in school for six months to help ease the economic burden on parents. This will help convince parents to keep their daughters in school and free them from their household chores. This gives girls, who otherwise may stay at home, the chance to learn. By promoting education for girls, the World Food Program (WFP) will improve...

Prevent A Disaster

Malaria awareness

Freedom from Hunger

Regular price $65.00

$65 ensures that women like Fatoumata can fight off this Silent Disaster in villages across West Africa.

Aid Veterans

Program supervision

National Coalition for Homeless Veterans

Regular price $50.00

This gift will provide supervision of the National Stand Down program for one day. NCHV is the national coordinator of the Stand Down program. The staff monitors programs nationwide, maintains the Stand Down Registry so veterans and service providers can connect with programs in their communities, advocates for federal and corporate funding support and in-kind donations, and publishes the Stand Down Manual -- a tool...

Chicks for Orphans

One chicken and feed

African Children's Haven

Regular price $3.00

This gift will provide a poor child with a chick to raise and the quality feed it will need to produce eggs. Because the chicks will be produced as part of other African Children Haven projects, the children will also receive basic instructions in how to raise their birds, produce a larger flock and market their eggs for cash income.

Cook Hot Meals

One family cookstove

American Refugee Committee

Regular price $15.00

Your donation will focus on helping people prepare food and water that’s safe. A slow-burning, fuel-efficient cookstove, a kerosene stove, a pot, cooking utensils, soap for dishwashing – all will take some of the risk out of eating. The gift you give your loved one will stand out - safe and healthy meals for a family. They’ll remember your gift long after they’ve forgotten the...

Create A Success

Loans & skills for women

Freedom from Hunger

Regular price $106.00

$106 provides Fatima and so many more women like her the financial support they need to change their families' lives for good.

Educate A Child

Health & Nutrition

Friends of the World Food Program, Inc.

Regular price $25.00

Your gift of $25 will provide health and nutrition education to a poor child for an entire year, and help break the vicious cycle of hunger and poverty. The World Food Program (WFP) teaches children the basics of a healthy lifestyle, such as proper nutrition, safe hygiene, and HIV/AIDS prevention. The program focuses on the development of knowledge, values and life skills that will empower...

Educate Mothers

End the cycle of poverty

Freedom from Hunger

Regular price $360.00

$360 empowers 378 mothers like Raimuni with the knowledge and social support they need to guide their daughters to a better future.

Empower Activists

Scholarship for a leader

Bread for the World Institute

Regular price $500.00

A contribution would provide support for a young adult, single parent, hunger activist with insufficient resources, church pastor, or emerging leader to participate in an event that has been truly lifechanging for many who have attended. The end result is someone more energized and equipped to be an advocate on behalf of those who are hungry and poor.

Empower Latinos

Hunger outreach

Bread for the World Institute

Regular price $1,000.00

Support for this initiative would help support our Latino organizer; provide underwriting for Spanish language resources; and undergird meetings and educational events in Latino population centers across the United States so Latinos can more effectively address problems of hunger and poverty.

End Family Hunger

Food security resources

Freedom from Hunger

Regular price $600.00

$600 provides food security for families in Mali and 15 other countries--every day.

Feed 40 Victims

In a Disaster

Friends of the World Food Program, Inc.

Regular price $20.00

Your gift of $20 will enable the World Food Program (WFP) to provide 40 people with meals in areas which have been devastated by malnutrition and death as a result of a natural catastrophe. These gifts allow WFP to engage in emergency operations for disaster victims. To learn more about what WFP and WFP USA are doing to end hunger, please visit www.wfpusa.org

Feed 60 Children

Help a Child Learn

Friends of the World Food Program, Inc.

Regular price $15.00

Your gift of $15 will provide 60 children with a school meal, which is proven to significantly increase attendance rates and help children take their minds off their next meal and dedicate their attention to their studies. Providing meals within the educational system encourages poor families to send their children to school and proper nutrition helps pupils stay focused in the classroom. Children, such as...

Feed A Child

Feed a Child for Two Months

Partners in Health

Regular price $84.00

Your gift will provide food for the family of a malnourished child for two months.

Feed A Child

Food for one month

Associacao Saude Crianca Renascer

Regular price $50.00

Your donation will provide a child with basic food items for one month.

Feed a Child

One week of meals

Atlantic City Rescue Mission Inc

Regular price $52.00

Your gift will provide a full week of nutritious meals for a preschool or school-aged child and give them a good start in life.

Feed A Family

One month basic needs

MAD Ministries

Regular price $40.00

One 40 lb bag of rice, beans, flour, tortillas, canned goods, etc. This bag of food is enough to meet the basic needs of the families. These needy and poor children in Brazil and the United States desperately need food. By providing this bag of basics, the families can spend what little money they have on other needs. The food items are different in the...

Feed A Family

Teach a woman to fish

Freedom from Hunger

Regular price $150.00

Your gift will equip women like Francisca with all they need to catch fish every day for their families. She also receives the business education to turn her fishing skills into a self-sufficient, small business for her community.

Feed a Family

Emergency Food Box

LifeNet4Families Cooperative Feeding Program

Regular price $50.00

Your gift will help us provide a family with an emergency food box.

Feed A Family

Food for a family

Amazon Promise

Regular price $10.00

This gift will provide a food basket to help feed a malnourished family. This basket contains 2 kg rice, 2 kg beans, 1 kg salt, 1 kg sugar, oatmeal, milk, eggs and oil.