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More and more people are delighting friends and loved ones with the most meaningful presents: charitable contributions given in their name. A beautiful personalized greeting card makes it truly memorable.


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Regular price $125.00

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We must have everyone’s support to stop Congress from handing the home of polar bears and other wildlife over to Big Oil, which will only result in a savings of a penny at the gas pump…and that’s in 20 years! Your gift to Adopt A Polar Bear will help Defenders save polar bears and other imperiled Arctic wildlife.

Adopt A Tiger

Stop illegal poaching

Defenders of Wildlife

Regular price $50.00

Your gift to Adopt A Tiger today will help to battle the many threats -- including illegal logging and poaching -- to tigers and other endangered wildlife around the world.

Adopt A Jaguar

Conservation project

Defenders of Wildlife

Regular price $35.00

Defenders of Wildlife is striving to protect the northernmost jaguar population in Sonora, Mexico. We are working to secure migratory routes from northern Mexico to the southwest U.S. and to protect suitable habitat in Arizona and New Mexico. We are building support among local ranchers and property owners to pave the way for a harmonious sharing of the land with jaguars. Just as important, we...

Adopt A Penguin

Alternative fuels

Defenders of Wildlife

Regular price $50.00

Your gift to Adopt A Penguin will enable Defenders of Wildlife to work with automakers and members of Congress to raise the standard fuel efficiency of cars and trucks. The burning of fossil fuels is the single most human-related cause of rising temperatures around the globe. In addition, your gift will help Defenders work to promote increased reliance on alternative fuels such as wind and...

Adopt A Sea Otter

Prevent oil drilling

Defenders of Wildlife

Regular price $25.00

Your gift will help Defenders of Wildlife work to educate people about the need to protect sea otters, as well as help local communities and the fishing industry live in harmony with these adorable little animals. You will also enable us to continue our efforts to keep Big Oil companies from evicting sea otters from the only area they have left. Your gift to Adopt...

Adopt a Vet

Save Africa's Primates

Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance

Regular price $250.00

Your gift of $250 will help supply sanctuary veterinarians with essential equipment and medicines as they work to save the lives of orphan chimpanzees, gorillas and bonobos across Africa. Your support will enable PASA to source much-needed diagnostic equipment, surgical materials and pharmaceutical supplies critical both to the survival of rescued individuals and to the ultimate survival of their species.

Adopt A Wolf

Help endangered wolves

Defenders of Wildlife

Regular price $40.00

Defenders of Wildlife depends on the support of caring people like you to help us pressure the Department of Interior to ensure maximum protection for wolves in the lower 48 states and end the horrific practice of aerial gunning in Alaska. Defenders also operates the wildly successful Wolf Compensation Trust, which reimburses ranchers at fair market value for verified losses of livestock to wolves. This...

This gift will provide three days worth of bananas for the chimpanzees at Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center. All fruit is purchased from local villages, creating an economy where none had existed before. Orphaned chimpanzees at Sanaga-Yong Center require life-long care and protection. Your gift will make a real difference.

American Kestrel

Adopt a Nestbox

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association

Regular price $100.00

Your gift will be used to rebuild worn-out boxes and purchase field equipment


Sea Hare Care

Heal the Bay

Regular price $50.00

Make an important contribution and a special connection with the animals at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium by joining the Aquadoption program. Your Aquadoption will help pay for the feeding and care of an animal on exhibit at the Aquarium, as well as make a statement of commitment to keeping the Santa Monica Bay and its animals healthy and safe.

Bison Collar

Buy 1 Satellite Collar

American Prairie Foundation

Regular price $5,000.00

$5,000 covers the cost of one satellite collar, allowing us to better monitor our bison herd and share real-time data about the herd's movements with project enthusiasts.

This gift will provide two days of fruit and formula for a baby orphaned chimpanzee.

Cardamom Mountains

Protect the Forest

Wildlife Alliance

Regular price $100.00

Your gift will help provide Wildlife Alliance with the suport necessary for implementing our three tiered approach to conservation. This approach based on Wildlife Alliance's park protection model: combines ranger patrolling, community outreach, and wildlife monitoring to stop wildlife poaching and illegal logging while helping to develop income alternatives for surrounding communities.

Educate the Public

300 brochures

Brazilian Network to Combat the Wild Animal Trafficking

Regular price $80.00

Your donation will fund 300 informative brochures to be distributed in roadways, zoos, malls and other public places, to educate people so that they won't keep wild animals as pets and to help them learn the damages wildlife traffic causes to the environment and society. The donations will be used to produce a materials for 12 Renctas campaigns during one year. Your donation will help...

Fence Removal

Remove 360 Feet

American Prairie Foundation

Regular price $95.00

Your gift will help us remove a section of fence the length of a football field. By removing unneeded fence on the Reserve, your gift will open valuable corridors of wildlife migration for pronghorn and other regional species.

Freedom of Flight

Wing Repair Surgery

Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge Inc.

Regular price $150.00

Your gift will provide one bird with surgery to repair a fractured wing and return it back into the wild.

Give A Day of Life

Food, Medicine, Care

Ape Action Africa

Regular price $683.00

Your gift of a day will provide more than 250 rescued orphans with two nutritious meals of fresh produce; a full day of exploration and play in large, lush and secure forest enclosures; ongoing rehabilitation and socialization; fresh browse and nesting material in cleaned sleeping quarters; health checks, vaccinations, and disease diagnosis and treatment; and all the keepers, cooks, drivers, vet techs and educators that...

Interpretive Signs

Install One Sign

American Prairie Foundation

Regular price $1,000.00

This gift will help pay for one interpretive sign to be installed on the Reserve. The cost of each sign is $1,000. These signs will help to make American Prairie Reserve a more "visitor friendly" destination. They will provide visitors with a better understanding of the project's significance and the natural and cultural history of the landscape that the project protects.

Kids Save Chimps

Books for Africa

Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance

Regular price $25.00

The Story of a Baby Chimpanzee tells the captivating story of a child's role in the successful rescue and rehabilitation of an infant chimpanzee. Your gift will help distribute coloring books to children across Africa, through the conservation education programs of PASA member sanctuaries. This richly-illustrated, 30-page coloring book, published in English, French, Portuguese, Dutch, German and Spanish, was written by PASA educators in Uganda,...

Kouprey Express

Outreach & Education

Wildlife Alliance

Regular price $20.00

Your gift will provide funding for books, fuel and other necessary supplies that keep this project going. The Kouprey Express spends much of its time working in communities that are adjacent to national parks, protected forests, and other key centers for wildlife and biodiversity. There, communities are highly dependent on the environment, which provides much of their food, water, shelter, and traditional medicine. Because these...