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More and more people are delighting friends and loved ones with the most meaningful presents: charitable contributions given in their name. A beautiful personalized greeting card makes it truly memorable.


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Arts & Crafts

Supplies for events

Hearts Of Gold Inc.

Regular price $20.00

This gift will provide art & craft supplies for two children at HOG events and/or outings.

Arts Education

Visual Arts Workshop

Snow City Arts Foundation

Regular price $35.00

Your gift will help support our Visual Arts Workshop that teaches children art history, drawing and painting techniques, photography skills, digital imaging, filmmaking and much needed hands-on computer experience. In these workshops children learn to identify core artistic building blocks such as line, shape, perspective, color theory, and space. They learn principles of repetition and pattern and the expressive qualities of mood, emotion, and pictoral...

Arts Education

Making the Case

Americans For The Arts Inc

Regular price $25.00

Your gift will support Americans for the Arts’ ongoing work to provide parents and teachers nationwide with the appropriate tools to make the case for arts education in our public schools. Check out online resources like our Ten Tips for Parents to learn more about what you can do to advocate for arts education and familiarize yourself with the movement that we are helping to...

Inspire Creativity

One classroom visit

The MacDowell Colony

Regular price $150.00

Many artists-in-residence volunteer to present current work to community members in a relaxed and informal setting. MacDowell's outreach programs mirror the “open studios" held at the Colony. Through MacDowell in the Schools, your support provides students with opportunities to meet talented artists and explore their evolving ideas about the process and creation of new art that happens daily at MacDowell. “We’ve been delighted to have...

Promote Youth Art

Sponor art exhibit

PEACE for Families

Regular price $125.00

Your gift will provide us with the resources to advertise and publicize this event, ensuring that our young artists will not go unnoticed.

Support Public Art

Public Art

Americans For The Arts Inc

Regular price $50.00

Your gift will help PAN serve the needs of public artists and public art programs throughout the United States. Help us ensure that the field continues to grow and that everyone has access to art that is free, engaging, and has lasting impact.