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More and more people are delighting friends and loved ones with the most meaningful presents: charitable contributions given in their name. A beautiful personalized greeting card makes it truly memorable.


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Let friends and loved ones know that you would welcome a donation in your name .to make a difference, instead of yet more "stuff." It just takes a minute to create a Wish List or Registry



Regular price $5.00

This gift will provide the magic of two new books to a child in need, and help create a foundation of literacy in her life.

Regular price $100.00

Join READ Global in its quest to change the world—one country, one village, one individual at a time. The self-supporting library community centers created by READ offer a women’s literature section and provide a supportive environment for the women’s associations and other women-only activities that encourage female empowerment. Your contribution will provide new literature and educational materials for women anxious to learn. Your gift of...

We like to bring books to our workshops as a reward to youth who show interest in writing or are scared to write because their literacy levels are low. Your gift will help The Beat Within distribute books on topics appropriate for young adults.

Regular price $25.00

Early literacy strategies that help parents support their child’s language development, and books for each child.

Regular price $50.00

Chosen by researchers and curriculum experts as rich, high-quality texts that will support children’s development of language and literacy skills, the books provided with your donation also touch on issues familiar to every child, such as the arrival of a new baby brother or sister, the excitement of experiencing new places and meeting new people, and the fun of spending time with friends! This basket...

Regular price $50.00

Join READ Global in its quest to change the world—one country, one village, one individual at a time. READ’s self-supporting library community centers each include a Children’s Section with books, educational toys and furnishings designed just for the younger set. Your donation will help to stock the shelves with new books written just for children. Your gift of children’s books will be provided by READ...

Regular price $100.00

Incorporating letters and print into a child’s learning environment and into his or her everyday play ensures that the child becomes comfortable and familiar with the alphabet. When put to use by a caring Jumpstart volunteer working one-to-one with the child, the learning is individualized and more effective. Your gift will provide an educational package of puzzles, Alphabet Bingo, Letter Tiles, and Alphabet Stamps, materials...

Regular price $150.00

Trained on the basics of child development, including techniques for reading with children, and conflict resolution, Jumpstart volunteers work together in teams to implement a curriculum with young children twice a week for the entire school year. Each Jumpstart Corps member is paired one-to-one with an at-risk preschooler to ensure individualized attention. As part of their lessons with children each week, teams utilize a host...

Regular price $25.00

Books open the minds of students and provide them with the answers to their questions and the foundation for their dreams. A well equipped library offers the students the tools necessary to research and write detailed reports for their classes. Biographies inspire students to reach beyond what they thought was possible. Natural Science books answer questions about the biological and physical world around us. Fiction...

Regular price $1,500.00

Join READ Global in its quest to change the world—one country, one village, one individual at a time. Your contribution will outfit one of READ Global’s library community centers with a technology hub that includes three computers and basic software for word processing, spreadsheets and bookkeeping. Your gift of a technology center for a rural Nepal READ library will be provided by READ Global.

Regular price $60.00

Your gift will put 20 brand new books in the home of a child in need.

Fill Backpacks

Books for 20 students

First Book

Regular price $360.00

Your gift will put brand new books directly in the backpacks of 20 preschoolers in need for them to take home.

Fund Better Futures

200 books for children

First Book

Regular price $600.00

Your gift of 200 new books will strengthen the reading ability of a classroom of children in need.

Regular price $10.00

Your gift will provide one year of a national newspaper subscription for a library in rural Nepal. Join READ Global in its quest to change the world—one country, one village, one individual at a time. Your donation will bring national and international news to remote rural communities in Nepal. The newspapers will be delivered to one of the self-supporting library community centers in the READ...

Regular price $25.00

Your gift of $25 will fund the purchase of one business start-up guide and the cost of mailing it to a budding entrepreneur in prison. Your gift will also give him a chance to find gainful employment, become a productive member of society and in many cases, support his family.

Regular price $1,250.00

Your gift will provide one full semester of one-to-one mentoring by a trained Jumpstart Corps member and an at-risk preschool child. For over a decade we’ve been bringing at-risk preschool children and caring adults together. Jumpstart fosters relationships that focus on building literacy, in combination with social and emotional readiness. A one-to-one setting ensures that education becomes the completely transformational experience it was meant to...

Regular price $5,000.00

This gift will provide 10 at-risk preschoolers with a highly trained Jumpstart Corps member mentor for one full semester; each Corps members will be paired one-to-one with the same child for the duration of the program. While the program runs for one full school year, you can be a part of supporting an entire semester of this work. The results speak for themselves: children who...

Regular price $75.00

Your gift will provide 25 children in an afterschool program with brand new books.

Regular price $120.00

Your gift will bring 40 children brand new appealing and age-appropriate books to take home and keep.

Regular price $75.00

Your gift will provide new learning opportunities to impoverished children. This educational project helps train teachers in new teaching methods so they can educate children, especially girls, in poor areas of the Congo. Among other goals, this project distributes textbooks; chalk and blackboard paint, and gives schools the tools and materials they need to refurbish old school buildings. The education plan encourages girls to attend...