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More and more people are delighting friends and loved ones with the most meaningful presents: charitable contributions given in their name. A beautiful personalized greeting card makes it truly memorable.


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Regular price $100.00

For $100, you can support PAI's advocacy grants program. This program provides small but powerful seed grants and training opportunities to organizations in developing countries, building their advocacy capacity so that they can effectively fight for strong family planning and reproductive health policies in their countries, as well as at the regional and international levels.

Regular price $500.00

Your support for our youth organizing program, Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom (SYRF), will expand our network of young pro-choice activists on college campuses across the country. Through our SYRF program, we identify emerging young pro-choice leaders and support their efforts to protect their own reproductive rights and access to reproductive health services, while also preparing the future leaders who will carry on the fight...

Regular price $25.00

Our All Options clergy counselors provide free, compassionate and supportive counseling to pregnant women or girls facing difficult reproductive health decisions. Our trained clergy counselors helps these women and their families explore their reproductive options as well as what their religion teaches about abortion and a woman’s right to make reproductive health decisions according to her faith and conscience. Your gift will support an All...

Regular price $5.00

This gift will help provide clergy people and religious leaders an opportunity to lobby elected officials in Washington, DC.

Regular price $250.00

Your gift will help fund our expert policy analysis and dissemination by supporting the Guttmacher Policy Review, a quarterly publication of reproductive health policy-making in Washington, DC, and state capitals across the country. This review, held in extremely high regard by important stakeholders at the state and national levels, relates state affairs to national and international developments. It also highlights all aspects of sexual and...

Regular price $50.00

For $50, you can support PAI in briefing a Member of Congress, and other policymakers worldwide, about how investing in family planning and reproductive health programs saves millions of lives, while slowing the spread of HIV/AIDS, reducing poverty, easing the likelihood of civil conflict in the developing world, and protecting our natural resources.

Regular price $25.00

Treating drinking water costs less than one penny per family per day, and could save one million children’s lives each year. This specific gift can provide more than 2500 families with safe drinking water.

Regular price $500.00

Your support for our pro-choice clergy advocacy program, our Clergy Leadership Institute for Reproductive Justice, will prepare and position clergy to advocate for reproductive rights at the national level. The strategic mobilization of clergy leaders ensures that religious, pro-choice constituents are heard by national decision-makers, especially on timely issues such as judicial nominations or reproductive health policy and legislation. The presence of informed and prepared...

Regular price $200.00

For $200, you can support PAI's work to help policymakers, the media and others understand how family planning and reproductive health programs are essential to conservation efforts worldwide.

Regular price $24.00

Your gift of $24 will provide 40 children the lifesaving combination of oral rehydration salts with zinc ensuring that they stay hydrated and healthy and have less dangerous episodes of diarrhea in the future.

Regular price $10.00

YouthAIDS, an education and prevention program of PSI, uses media, pop culture, music, theater and sports to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and reach 600 million young people in more than 60 countries with life-saving messages, products, services and care. \ At PSI, we make it our business to ensure that young people are equipped with the necessary education and information to prevent the spread...

Regular price $10.00

Your contribution to Generation to Generation will support an African American teen's participation in our intense weekly teen pregnancy prevention program. Generation to Generation links teen pregnancy prevention, candid dialogue and culturally-appropriate education for African American girls who live in challenging areas with high teen pregnancy rates. Our candid dialogue and sexuality education help to reduce the rate of teen pregnancy and sexually-transmitted infections and...

Regular price $75.00

Your support for an activist’s Peaceful Presence vigil at a health clinic ensures that women and girls seeking reproductive health services, including abortion, have supporters on their side during anti-choice rallies or demonstrations outside a clinic. Our Peaceful Presence training teaches religious, pro-choice activists to support patients and clinic staff who may be under tremendous pressure, educate those seeking reproductive health services about religious support...

Regular price $25.00

For $25, you can help PAI ensure that when women and families in developing countries visit reproductive health clinics for treatment and care, the shelves are fully stocked with the medical and contraceptive supplies needed to deliver healthy babies, keep mothers alive and safe from harm, plan pregnancies and protect families from HIV/AIDS.

Regular price $150.00

For $150, you can help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS by supporting PAI's advocacy work on behalf of comprehensive HIV/AIDS prevention efforts that address the full range of needs in developing countries. It is only through sound policies and adequate funding that the global community can win the battle against the disease.

Regular price $35.00

Your donation will help the Guttmacher Institute generate the new ideas needed to influence program development across the spectrum of reproductive health challenges. Be a part of the proactive agenda for sexual and reproductive health worldwide and partner with Guttmacher to: increase contraceptive choice and use; help teenagers delay sex, prevent pregnancy and avoid disease; prove that family planning is a sound investment; guarantee access...

Regular price $25.00

Our comprehensive, faith-based sexuality education for African American and Latino teens encourages improved youth decision-making about sexuality and preventing pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections. Our faith-based sexuality dialogues —“Breaking the Silence” for adults and “Keeping It Real!” for teens — are critical tools for educating African American and Latino faith leaders and youth about sexuality, teen childbearing and other reproductive health issues in the...

Regular price $500.00

For $500, you can be a "producer" for the upcoming PAI documentary film, focusing on the impact of U.S. HIV/AIDS prevention policies and programs in Kenya and Uganda. This film will show how the U.S. and others can improve policies, and make even bigger strides in the fight against the disease.