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More and more people are delighting friends and loved ones with the most meaningful presents: charitable contributions given in their name. A beautiful personalized greeting card makes it truly memorable.


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Let friends and loved ones know that you would welcome a donation in your name .to make a difference, instead of yet more "stuff." It just takes a minute to create a Wish List or Registry



Your contribution will support the important work of the sexual abuse nonprofit of your choice, and help make the world a better place.   Among the many outstanding organizations addressing this cause are:  RAINN - Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network  Joyful Heart Foundation PAVE: Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment California Coalition Against Sexual Assault — CALCASA Futures Without Violence The Date Safe Project (DSP) End Rape...

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Your gift will enable Equality Now to produce and distribute Women's Action campaign alerts to approximately 150 members of the Women's Action Network, who voice their opposition to human rights violations against women and girls by contacting government authorities, circulating petitions and raising awareness in their communities. When governments encounter protest from around the world, they know they are being held accountable for these human...

Copies of SIECUS' Families Are Talking materials (in both print and online forms) for 50 parents, available in both English and Spanish.

Your gift will allow SIECUS to perform a personal mail drop to every member of Congress on sexuality and reproductive health issues.

Your $25 donation will provide one support group session supervised by a licensed therapist or intern for victims of sexual assault. The support group provides a safe environment where victims of sexual assault can talk openly about their experiences and find comfort in knowing that they are not alone.

Your $15 donation will provide one young man or woman with a sexual assault prevention education program. a) The Girl’s Assertiveness and Self-Defense training incorporates awareness skills, assertiveness skills, positive self-image, and physical self-defense techniques. These trainings empower young women to value their bodies and fight to protect them if the need were ever to arise. b) The MyStrength Club is specifically designed to reach...

Provide copies of TALK ABOUT SEX to 25 young people.

Train 30 educators to deliver sexuality education to young people.