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More and more people are delighting friends and loved ones with the most meaningful presents: charitable contributions given in their name. A beautiful personalized greeting card makes it truly memorable.


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Let friends and loved ones know that you would welcome a donation in your name to make a difference, instead of yet more "stuff." It just takes a minute to create a Wish List or Registry.



Prevent Illness

5 Children's Latrines

Water for People

Regular price $25.00

Your gift of five children's "arbor-loo" latrines will provide five Malawian children with a safe and hygienic way to defecate while developing good hygiene habits that will last a lifetime. This innovative gift will also help the environment. The arbor-loo latrines generate valuable compost that is used to cultivate fruit trees. After each use, ash and dirt are added to feces, which helps eliminate odors...

Promote Sanitation

Plastic Poop

Water for People

Regular price $25.00

You read it right. Your gift of plastic poop will be used in an innovative hygiene training program in Bolivia that facilitates discussion of sanitation issues. Participants are given a "gift" which generates excitement and interest. When they open it, they discover plastic poop (or a fly or rat). It stimulates open discussion and analysis of sanitary practices in their village.