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More and more people are delighting friends and loved ones with the most meaningful presents: charitable contributions given in their name. A beautiful personalized greeting card makes it truly memorable.


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Adapt Healthcare

3 policy meetings

Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund

Regular price $300.00

Your contribution will support participation by a disability policy analyst in three meetings with policy makers where the right to accessible healthcare will be at stake for people with disabilities. Our analysts are breaking new ground by working with policy makers in California to ensure that managed care organizations work with their medical providers to achieve accessibility for people with disabilities and provide accommodations—Braille, Sign...

Adapt Homes

Homes for veterans

Coalition to Salute America's Heroes

Regular price $500.00

The Coalition has built 6 disability-adapted homes for either newly blind or paralyzed veterans. The Coalition is pursuing an alliance with two other organizations that will expand both the building of homes and home repair and modification to a larger portion of disabled veterans. Your gift will support The Coalition's efforts to provide adapted homes to disabled veterans.

Adopt A Camper

One week of camp!

Camp Looking Glass Inc

Regular price $300.00

This gift will provide an opportunity for a child or adult with a disability to attend Camp Looking Glass. Many of our campers and their families are living in poverty. They do not have clothes, toiletries, a comfortable bed, or experiences that empower them. In addition, your donation will provide a respite for loving families who care 24/7 for their children. For many of our...

Aid Disabled Latinos

10 outreach posters

World Institute on Disability

Regular price $10.00

We reach out to Latinos with disabilities and connect them with services that can help them find support and employment. Our fully bilingual program partners with agencies across the country to provide culturally accessible information and direct services to disabled Latinos and their families. But, no one can take advantage of a program if they don’t know that it exists. Your gift of just $10...

Be an Event Sponsor

Support agency events

Nysarc Inc., Broome-Tioga County Chapter

Regular price $500.00

Here at ACHIEVE we have three major fundraising events. On April 24th we will hold our 15th Annual Pin Crushing Bowling Tournament. This event is held at Midway Lanes in Vestal and draws over 350 bowlers and spectators. Assemblyman Clifford Crouch and Gary Finch serve as honorary chairpersons for this annual event. On July 22nd we will hold our 2nd Annual Savor the Summer event....

Empower A Parent

One hour of advice

Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund

Regular price $55.00

The old and often used Chinese proverb, "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime" is put into practice everyday at DREDF. Your gift will help the family of a child with a disability become active and stay involved in their child's education and increase the likelihood that their...

Empower Women

Leadership training

Mobility International USA

Regular price $100.00

This gift will provide a sponsorship for a woman with a disability to participate in Mobility International USA's Women's Institute on Leadership and Disability (WILD). This 3-week, life-changing program challenges women from around the world to go beyond their preconceived notions. Disabled women flourish through interactive workshops, an outdoor ropes challenge course and whitewater rafting. WILD women truly are changing the world as they return...

Encourage Athletes

One sport jersey

United Spinal Association

Regular price $30.00

Your $30 gift will help change that, and let these athletes look as competitive as they play. A uniform gives these athletes the confidence and self-respect to go out and prove to everyone that they are athletes!

Encourage Learning

Supplies for one class

Nysarc Inc., Broome-Tioga County Chapter

Regular price $250.00

ACHIEVE's Children's Summer Program is a four-day, six week program. Activities of the program focus on improving gross and fine motor coordination, promoting positive social behavior, and environmental awareness. In addition to these activities, remedial instruction in reading, math, and speech is also provided. ACHIEVE’s Summer Program provides leadership and an opportunity for children to reinforce daily life skills in a fun and challenging way.This...

Ensure Access

Disability rights law

Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund

Regular price $250.00

Armed with knowledge about their rights under laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals can speak out effectively against being excluded or treated unfairly because they have a disability, and ultimately participate fully and equally in their communities. For someone with a disability, your gift can change the course of their life. Your contribution will provide a day of training on disability civil...

Equip Cyclers

One hand cycle

United Spinal Association

Regular price $1,500.00

Your gift of $1500 will cover the cost of one hand cycle, and give a child the opportunity to participate in an activity typical of any able-bodied child. No boy or girl should go through childhood without getting to ride a bike with his/her friends, and children with disabilities are no exception.

Fund A Clinic

One sports clinic

United Spinal Association

Regular price $500.00

By donating a generous $500 this holiday season, you can cover the cost of one adaptive sports clinic. At these clinics, athletes get coaching tips, meet new friends, learn about other opportunities and build their own confidence. It is also an opportunity for parents to network. Your donation will provide this experience to these child athletes and their families.

Heal A Crooked Foot

One child's foot

CURE International Inc

Regular price $50.00

This gift will provide surgical pins to straighten a deformed foot and give a child a chance to run, walk and play free of pain.

Help A Community

Informational package

Boundless Playgrounds

Regular price $25.00

$25 makes it possible for Boundless Playgrounds to provide an informational package to a parent or concerned community member who wants to bring a Boundless™ playground to their community. Boundless™ playgrounds are tailor-made for the way children are naturally drawn to play, plus they are universally accessible so everyone can play side by side at his or her own highest level of ability. No one...

Keep A Child Safe

2 hours of advocacy

Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund

Regular price $250.00

The federal government is committed to the idea that no child will be left behind in public schools. Our advocacy on behalf of children with diabetes will ensure that no child is locked out because schools will not provide assurances that children with diabetes will be safe in school. Your donation will help us advocate for the critical services required to keep a child with...

Maintain A Chair

Tires and tubes

United Spinal Association

Regular price $250.00

By donating $250, you can replace the tires and tubes of one chair. This lets the child athlete participate without worrying about the cost of replacing them should they pop or break, and lets his/her parents provide this athletic opportunity for personal and physical growth.

Mentor the Injured

One visit

National Spinal Cord Injury Association

Regular price $100.00

With thirty newly injured individuals each day, many are forced to figure out how to get on with their life without the guidance of a peer mentor. Our National Peer Support Network arranges for a visit to the hospital bed of a newly injured individual within 48 hours of their injury, and a connection to return home, to the community, and on to a meaningful...

Organize A Community

5 hours of organizing

Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund

Regular price $250.00

Your contribution will enable a community organizer to meet for up to five hours with a local group of people with disabilities who want to change, for example, a transportation, voting, or healthcare policy or practice, or fix a problem in their community. This interaction will include an analysis of the issue(s), development of step-by-step action strategies, and a plan for media involvement.

Organize Neighbors

One community meeting

Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund

Regular price $500.00

Your contribution will support one half-day community meeting with local leaders and residents with disabilities in West Oakland, California. DREDF has been reaching out to grassroots community organizations that have organized in response to environmental injustice in their neighborhoods. Community meetings provide a forum to strengthen our collaboration and plan future steps including methods to promote disability anti-discrimination education, training and, if necessary, litigation in...

Plant a Seed

Seeds to plant produce

Nysarc Inc., Broome-Tioga County Chapter

Regular price $10.00

Recent studies have proven that a “hands on” connection to nature in a green environment has numerous therapeutic benefits, including provision of relief from depression and anxiety as well as lessening the duration of physical infirmities. The responsibilities that come with maintaining a greenhouse will provide the individuals with an opportunity to learn important life skills as well as offer a sense of personal accomplishment...