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Favorite gifts:


Your gift to Adopt A Tiger today will help to battle the many threats -- including illegal logging and poaching -- to tigers and other endangered wildlife around the world.

Support Public Art - Public Art

Americans For The Arts Inc


Your gift will help PAN serve the needs of public artists and public art programs throughout the United States. Help us ensure that the field continues to grow and that everyone has access to art that is free, engaging, and has lasting impact.

Maintain A Space - Art studios

The MacDowell Colony


Your gift will support the places where great works of art are being created by some of today’s most talented artists. An important aspect of the “MacDowell experience" resides in the Colony’s 32 separate studio buildings, spread across 450 woodland acres. MacDowell’s facilities are regarded as among the best in the field; its studios are designed for artists of specific disciplines, each of which has a fully-accessible studio. MacDowell is a National Historic Landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Your contribution will help maintain the studios, providing ideal workspaces that respond to the evolving needs of contemporary artists. “MacDowell has always been a blessing to my work, but this time it actually saved the life of my book. I was lost when I got here; now I’m found. The amazing grace of MacDowell!" --Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Michael Chabon


Your donation will educate one child for 1 year in night school. The Barefoot College began Night Schools for the children of the working poor in 1975 to provide an education that draws on the knowledge of the community. Literate young men and women in the community are selected and trained for 6 months to become Barefoot Teachers. By providing the learning environment of the Night Schools, by providing drinking water through rain water harvesting at the schools , or by providing solar lighting instead of kerosene lamps, and giving a sense of security, mothers start to send their girls to school for the first time. Since 1975, over 50,000 children have studied at these Night Schools -- and the concept of the Night Schools has been replicated in 16 states in India.

You can make a significant, meaningful, tangible impact in the lives of children and adults worldwide. Each cataract surgery completely restores someone's sight in approximately 15-30 minutes, and the cost of the surgery in Tamale, Ghana is $60. Every dollar donated makes a tremendous impact on the lives of children and adults. Unite For Sight's volunteers work as support staff with eye clinics in Africa and Asia. The clinic's eye doctors diagnose and treat eye disease in the field, and surgical patients are brought to the eye clinic for surgery. Unite For Sight funds the surgeries for those patients unable to afford eye care. This partnership between Unite For Sight volunteers and eye clinics enables sustainable programs while simultaneously reducing the barriers to health care, including financial, transportation, cultural, and education hindrances.

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