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Your contribution will support the important work of your favorite Technology Access Nonprofit and help make the world a better place.

Regular price $25.00

Join READ Global in its quest to change the world—one country, one village, one individual at a time. The self-supporting library community centers created by READ each feature a section designed just for children, with kid-size furniture, books for toddlers to teens and toys to make learning fun. Your contribution will provide new educational tools with appeal for young minds anxious to learn.

Regular price $75.00

Join READ Global in its quest to change the world—one country, one village, one individual at a time. When READ Global helps a community to build and outfit a library community center, the organization also helps to recruit and train a librarian who will help villagers make the most of their new facility. Your contribution not only supports the salary of an invaluable librarian—it makes...

Regular price $9,240.00

Join READ Global in its quest to change the world—one country, one village, one individual at a time. Your contribution will outfit one of READ Global’s library community centers with a technology hub that includes three computers and basic software for word processing, spreadsheets and bookkeeping. Your gift of a technology center for a rural Nepal READ library will be provided by READ Global.

Regular price $100.00

Five gifts of $100 each enables a school in Sri Lanka to buy and install a small personal computer for use by 40 students. This enables students to acquire skills needed for jobs in the 21st century and gives them access to information that other students around the world take for granted. Teachers were trained in their use before the tsunami, but schools cannot afford...

Regular price $145.00

Your donation will provide one low-income senior with a personal home computer. Through this gift, you will be providing a senior with an opportunity to stay connected and informed.

Regular price $145.00

Your donation will provide provide one low-income middle school student with a personal home computer and opportunity to bridge the digital divide. Affording access to computer technology helps to ensure that educational equity can be reached.

Regular price $1,500.00

Your gift has the potential to "teach students how to fish, rather than just giving them a fish." The digital divide grows daily as students in the US learn new digital media skills, while students in Africa are only passive recipients of low-end products and information produced outside their countries. Through technology and training, these students can become producers and sharers of knowledge with peers...

Regular price $1,340.00

The Dalit Freedom Network (DFN) works towards equal education and employment opportunities for all Dalits by offering a subsidized, quality English-medium education for Dalit children through 67 Dalit Education Centers throughout North & South India. The start of the 2007-08 school year at a Dalit Education Center in South India brought 1,000 parents to the front gate eager to register their child for the 40...

Regular price $20.00

Hands on Optics or HOO helps kids learn by doing, making discoveries, and thinking like a scientist. It nurtures their spirit of adventure and increases their knowledge of science and technology. It opens the world of optics as a discipline and potential career path - and broadens their perception of what science is about. It integrates a wide range of subjects - from biology and...

Regular price $400.00

Through the One Laptop Per Child initiative, every $400 raised provides one computer to a child in southeast Michigan and a second computer to a child in a developing country.

CDI partners with community-based organizations and opens technology schools in poor communities. With $6 a day, you can sponsor an at-risk youth or adult and help him or her receive training and support from CDI to become a technology instructor in their own communities. This gift will keep them away from violence, crime and drugs and offer new hope for their lives. Give this opportunity...

Regular price $300.00

Your donation of a basic computer will open up many opportunities for these disadvantaged children, including advanced education, self tutoring and even job training. We want our children to succeed in this rapidly globalizing world. Help Better Future International in our mission to help orphans explore the world from their computer class. We will also accept donations of laptop computers that have working cd/dvd players...

Regular price $50.00

Your donation will ensure that one low-income child will receive the guidance, training and support needed to effectively master educational internet usage. Knowledge leads to empowerment and empowerment leads to success.

Create Promise

Software for the home

Per Scholas

Regular price $10.00

Your donation will ensure that a student will receive access to educational software for home learning which promotes learning and fosters success.

Students throughout the world are eager to know more about each other's cultures to do their part to build understanding and peace, and at the same time become global citizens. The Internet now lets students work together on educational projects as part of a teacher's classroom activities. Your gift of $75 provides one month's Internet service and enables a school in Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen,...

Regular price $20.00

This program focuses on developing the technological skills of youth by using productivity software. Club Members will learn how to type, work on a PowerPoint presentation, use MSExcel and Access...and importantly they will learn how to "surf" the internet safely. Your gift of $20 will help fund this very important program.

Regular price $50.00

Your gift helps bridge the digital divide by providing internet access for our residents at one of our computer labs for one month.

Regular price $100.00

Your donation will allow for one senior to receive comprehensive hands on training in safe and useful ways to utilize the internet.