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Inspire Dreams

15 Brand New Volumes

First Book

Regular price $45.00

Your gift will place 15 brand new volumes into the hands of children who need them most.

Your contribution will support the important work of your favorite Education Nonprofit and help make the world a better place.

Support An Intern

At-risk youth stipend

The Beat Within (a program of Pacific News Service)

Regular price $100.00

$100 will cover an individual youth's stipend for one week. Youth will develop their typing skills. They will learn the whole production process for The Beat Within weekly magazine. Youth will also work in an environment with a diverse group of adult and youth staff all working to better the community. Most internships last 12-20 weeks.

Support A Teacher

Support A Teacher

Teach For America

Regular price $60.00

For $60, enable Teach For America corps members to reach an additional public school student.

Outfit Students

School supplies

Associacao Saude Crianca Renascer

Regular price $30.00

Your gift will provide one backpack of school supplies to a child, including one ruler, two notebooks, two pencils, two pens, and one backpack.

Educate a Child

One Year of School


Regular price $97.00

A donation of $97 will fund an entire year of school for a Ugandan child in an IDP camp. Education has a positive impact on not only the future earning potential of a child but also helps reduce vulnerability to health problems such as HIV/AIDS, increases awareness of human rights and issues such as family planning and improves confidence and overall well being. BRAC is...

Gift a Robotics Kit to a Student

Revolution Robotics Foundation

Regular price $0.00

We envision creating a world where more kids participate in robotics, and making STEM education accessible for all. Most STEM resources for kids are put forth by for-profit companies at a high price, allowing an unfair advantage over less affluent students. Unless there's a new and better way to engage young people, particularly girls and minorities, there will be a growing gap between supply and...

Training Materials

4 material sets

Teach For America

Regular price $100.00

Your gift of $100 helps provide training materials for four Teach For America corps members.

Support Training

Train One Teacher

Teach For America

Regular price $1,000.00

Your gift of $1,000 helps a Teach For America corps member to attend the summer training institute.

Support Learning

Classes for retirees

The OASIS Institute

Regular price $50.00

Your gift will help provide older adults with opportunities to learn and lead in their communities through OASIS by taking part in challenging arts, health, technology classes and volunteer service programs. By participating in OASIS lifelong learning and service opportunities, older adults can increase their intellectual stimulation, improve their overall health, increase their level of social engagement, and build their skills in a variety of...

Sponsor A Teacher

Sponsor A Teacher

Teach For America

Regular price $5,000.00

Your gift of $5,000 sponsors a teacher and helps Teach For America to recruit, select, train, and support an additional corps member.

Send A Student

Travel stipends

The Roosevelt Institution

Regular price $100.00

A donation of $100 towards travel stipends will greatly assist the Roosevelt Institution and our student presenters in being able to present their policy proposals to the leading policy-makers.

Give Home Libraries

Entire Classroom of Children with Brand New Books

First Book

Regular price $720.00

Your gift will directly stock the homes of an entire classroom of children in need with libraries of their very own brand new books.

Fund Field Trips

Experiential learning

KIPP Foundation

Regular price $25.00

Your support of experiential learning provides our students with opportunities to expand their understanding of classroom lessons and to be exposed to facets of life beyond their neighborhood. Your gift makes it possible for KIPP students to visit museums, see a play, visit another part of their city or state, learn about jobs and the education necessary to perform them, explore colleges and universities and...

Equip A Classroom

Provide books for children

First Book

Regular price $90.00

Your gift will allow a classroom of children to learn from brand new books.

Books for Youth

Distribute Books

The Beat Within (a program of Pacific News Service)

Regular price $10.00

We like to bring books to our workshops as a reward to youth who show interest in writing or are scared to write because their literacy levels are low. Your gift will help The Beat Within distribute books on topics appropriate for young adults.