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Teach Peace

One teaching pack

The Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation

Regular price $50.00

This gift will provide one teaching pack for the Desmond Tutu Peace Centre’s ‘Schools for Peace’ program in South Africa. The pack will be used by teachers who have attended Schools for Peace workshops where they are trained in facilitation and mediation so that they may better deal with violence in their schools. They will use the pack materials to teach about peaceful ways to...

The First of Many

Network Support Services Inc.

Regular price $0.00

To kick off this fundraiser!

Training youth

One semester's intern

Global Security Institute

Regular price $300.00

Your gift will help support GSI's internship programs, which run out of the New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC offices. Interns assist with all aspects of GSI's work-- from assisting with research and proofreading of policy briefs, to event organizing, to Congressional and UN advocacy. They have the chance to network with world leaders and get an insider's view of peacemaking.

Train A Health Worker

One week of training

Seeds of Peace Inc.

Regular price $250.00

Your gift will provide one week of training to local healthcare providers to identify and diagnose Visceral Leishmaniasis, administer injections, and monitor patients at special Visceral Leishmaniasis treatment clinics.

Talk to your rep!

Letter to Congress

Global Security Institute

Regular price $10.00

Your gift will send a letter to your Congressperson urging them to support the disarmament and nonproliferation proposals in Congress, in the United Nations and bilaterally with key partners such as Russia. For $25, we will send letters to your Representative and both of your Senators.

Your contribution will support the important work of your favorite Peace Nonprofit and help make the world a better place.

Spread the message

Distribute newsletters

Global Security Institute

Regular price $50.00

This gift will fund the dissemination of one of our eNewsletter to almost 20,000 diplomats, parliamentarians, concerned citizens, UN staff, Capitol Hill staffers, members of the media and more.

Share Peace

Message of peace

Mercy Corps

Regular price $55.00

Progress requires peace. Mercy Corps promotes greater understanding in conflict-torn places such as Iraq and Sudan by including all segments of the community. We fund projects that bring different groups together to solve common problems. Our trainings in Kosovo, Colombia, Guatemala and elsewhere give local citizens concrete skills to resolve conflicts peacefully.

Send A Kid to Camp

Peace camp for one

Seeds of Peace Inc.

Regular price $100.00

Your gift will send one child from Gaza to the Seeds of Understanding Camp. The children are asking to return and you can offer them this gift!

Scale the Mountain

Safe,smart abolition

Global Security Institute

Regular price $30.00

Your gift will support the production and distribution of "Securing Our Survival" a book by the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, the International Association of Lawyers against Nuclear Arms and the International Network of Engineers and Scientists against Proliferation. It contains a draft treaty, a Model Nuclear Weapons Convention, which the Secretary-General of the UN has called "a good place to start"...

Responsible India

Keeping India to Task

Global Security Institute

Regular price $15.00

The speeches from that conference were published in a book, "Towards a Nuclear Weapons-Free World." Your gift will get one copy of this landmark book into the hands of a key decision-maker, whether a legislator on the Foreign Affairs Committees of the House and Senate, a legislator in India or another Indian ally's parliament, or diplomats at the United Nations. In essence, your gift will...

Protect the Heavens

Outreach to Congress

Ploughshares Fund

Regular price $100.00

Your gift will help maintain space as a shared, weapon-free sanctuary for exploration and communication by allowing us to advance some of the most practical approaches for keeping outer space weapon-free. “A Citizens Guide to Space Security” explains in clear and compelling language how U.S. plans to dominate space and potentially introduce weapons in orbit would actually undermine national and international security. Getting this booklet...

Protect Health

Educate uranium miners

International Physicians For The Prevention Of Nuclear War

Regular price $45.00

By bringing the plight of these indigenous victims of the nuclear age to the media, policy makers, and the public, IPPNW is driving home the fact that nuclear weapons can destroy lives even without detonation. Your gift will help IPPNW educate uranium miners, their families, and the concerned public about the health effects of exposure to radiation and other toxic substances. IPPNW doctors working with...

Promote Peace

Physician diplomacy

International Physicians For The Prevention Of Nuclear War

Regular price $50.00

Your gift will help IPPNW do what it has done best for almost 30 years—bring physicians from adversarial countries together with each other and with nuclear decision makers to confront the nuclear threat rather than each other. Today, IPPNW’s approach to physician diplomacy and dialogue is building bridges between doctors and medical students in India and Pakistan. Where few others have succeeded, IPPNW physicians from...

Promote Peace

3 weeks of peace camp

Seeds of Peace Inc.

Regular price $5,000.00

Your gift will send one Seed to the Seeds of Peace International Camp in Maine for three weeks. You can give one Seed this extraordinary experience and make a fundamental difference is one person's life, and also impact all the lives of those that Seed will speak to, teach, and lead.

Promote Leadership

Trip to Washington, DC

Seeds of Peace Inc.

Regular price $500.00

Your gift will fund a two-day trip to Washington for one Seed to speak with government officials. Seeds are selected for their leadership skills.

Prevent Conflict

Central Africa

International Crisis Group

Regular price $50.00

Your donation will support the Crisis Group team working throughout the Central and Horn of Africa region. In Central Africa, Crisis Group reports on the conflict in Northern Uganda, the fragile political transitions in Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as the reconciliation process in Rwanda. In the Horn of Africa, Crisis Group recommends strategies for peace in Sudan and has launched...

Prevent Conflict

West Africa

International Crisis Group

Regular price $50.00

Your donation will support the work of Crisis Group’s team in West Africa, covering the ongoing political, economic, and social conflicts in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Côte d’Ivoire, and Guinea. You will provide important logistical support to expert analysts on the ground. In Sierra Leone and Liberia your gift will support analysis of post-conflict reconstruction processes; in Côte d'Ivoire, it will facilitate Crisis Group’s work...

Prevent Conflict

Latin America

International Crisis Group

Regular price $50.00

Your donation will support the work of Crisis Group’s Colombia/Andes Project, covering the situation in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. Your gift will provide resources for Crisis Group analysts and researchers on the ground to examine strategies to reduce the level of violence, resume peace talks, and avoid a spill-over of the conflict into the states comprising the Andean region. Your gift will help...

Prevent Conflict

The Caucasus

International Crisis Group

Regular price $50.00

Your donation will support the work of Crisis Group’s Caucasus Project, covering the countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. Your gift will provide the resources for Crisis Group’s expert analysts to carry out research on the ground and make policy recommendations to combat widespread corruption in the governments, economies, and societies of these three fragile countries. Your donation will support the Caucasus Project’s efforts to...