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Regular price $50.00

Your donation will provide a child with basic food items for one month.

Regular price $84.00

Your gift will be used to fund one month of the extras that make Flying Kites care exemplary. These include intensive after-school tutoring, karate and music lessons, field trips, sports and equipment, nature workshops and general extracurricular activities that we believe are essential to implementing the Flying Kites philosophy.

Regular price $50.00

Your gift of $50 will provide twenty-five long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs), each of which will protect, on average, two people, and will last for three to four years.

Regular price $50.00

Provide the materials and training to engage one older adult in the life of one child eagerly waiting to learn.

Your contribution will support the important work of your favorite Adoption Nonprofit and help make the world a better place.    

Regular price $75.00

The Global Fund for Children supports grassroots organizations working directly with victims of commercial and sexual trafficking, empowering the victims and preventing further exploitation. Your gift will help provide shelters and holistic social services programs to children and adolescents, while giving them life skills and an education to start their journey toward a brighter future.

Regular price $37.00

A $37 donation can help a child live in our orphanage and have a new family. This will cover one month living expenses for one child. The child living expenses includes housing, food, clothing, and other expenses (such as electricity, medical, and housemother).

Regular price $5.00

This gift will provide the magic of two new books to a child in need, and help create a foundation of literacy in her life.

Share Stories

12 bedtime stories

First Book

Regular price $36.00

Your gift will bring the magic of a bedtime story directly to a child in need once every month for a year.

Regular price $100.00

Your gift will provide children with access to appropriate literature - often for the first time. Because many families in the developing world do not possess the disposable income to purchase children's books, there is no economic incentive for publisheers to produce them. Room to Read hires authors and illustrators to create culturally relevant stories with colorful pictures for children to enjoy. In addition to...

Regular price $60.00

Your gift will provide school supplies for 10 children for one year. This generous donation will assist Arzu in encouraging education throughout Afghanistan and in making sure that all children of registered weavers attend school and have the proper supplies for their classes.

Regular price $175.00

Your gift will provide one scholarship for a child for one year. Each scholarship helps cover the costs of education, such as school fees, books, school supplies, food, clothing and medical care. Scholarships are given to poor and special-needs children living in extremely difficult circumstances in the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan and Lebanon. Currently there are seven schools in the program, all of which have...

Regular price $49.00

Your gift is an investment into the future of one of these children. Your gift will sponsor one homeless child and help provide this child with a home for one week. A decent and stable home is the foundation on which human beings build their lives. Homelessness or housing that is unaffordable defeats a person's best efforts to hold a job, perform in school, stay...

Regular price $50.00

Your $50 donation allows CIVIC to find a child in need, make contact with the child's family, gather the necessary documents from within the war zone and apply for out-of-country care.

Any amount

This gift will provide much-needed medicine for one severely emaciated child while they are restored to good health at one of NYOF’s Nutritional Rehabilitation Homes (NRH) in Nepal. The child will stay at one of these small home-like hospitals, under supervision of nurses, a nutritionist, and a doctor, for about five weeks, until they are restored to full weight and good health. During this time,...

Regular price $60.00

Each $60 donation helps a child be able to afford a six months of school’s requirements: uniform, textbooks, supplies, shoes, transportation for distances of over two miles, lunches if a child is going hungry, and teacher’s fees.

Regular price $36.00

  Your donation will provide comfort for a grieving child by arming school personnel with the tools to effectively address the student’s needs. Research has confirmed teacher discomfort in discussing grief in the classroom. Most teachers need assistance in successfully dealing with a death in the life of a student, particularly a major loss. “Grief at School: A Manual for School Personnel" is an 83-page...

Regular price $15.00

Your gift provides access to program models and materials to begin or enhance an intergenerational technology program.

Regular price $100.00

When you help IMC vaccinate children against diseases like measles, tetanus, and meningitis, you enhance their chance for survival. You also reduce the likelihood of an epidemic, especially in crowded, unsanitary conditions such as refugee camps. Your gift could mean the difference between a child's early death or disability and a future of health and opportunity.

Regular price $30.00

Your gift will go toward programs that target girls’ education in the most vulnerable communities. Your gift can provide a girl with a school uniform, textbooks, and school supplies for one year of schooling. Together, we can bring up a new generation of girls who will become educated, confident women.