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Educate Young Girls

Food for education

Friends of the World Food Program, Inc.

Regular price $60.00

Your gift will provide take-home food rations to girls in school for six months to help ease the economic burden on parents. This will help convince parents to keep their daughters in school and free them from their household chores. This gives girls, who otherwise may stay at home, the chance to learn. By promoting education for girls, the World Food Program (WFP) will improve...

Educate Girls

School for 10 girls

Global Fund for Women

Regular price $5.00

A gift of $5 will allow a group like the Union for the Emancipation of Indigenous Women to provide school supplies and school fees for 10 indigenous girls, daughters of the displaced survivors of the Rwandan Genocide, in the South-Kivu Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Help Another Woman with a Suit

One interview suit

Dress for Success Worldwide

Regular price $10.00

Your gift will help a woman acquire the skills she needs to develop her career. 5 sessions at a Dress for Success Career Center will provide a woman with career guidance, technology skills and support in her job search. In addition, your gift will provide her with resources that are vital to entering the workforce, such as an Internet-accessible computer lab with cutting-edge job placement...

Educate A Girl

1 year of night school

Barefoot College

Regular price $100.00

Your donation will educate one child for 1 year in night school. The Barefoot College began Night Schools for the children of the working poor in 1975 to provide an education that draws on the knowledge of the community. Literate young men and women in the community are selected and trained for 6 months to become Barefoot Teachers. By providing the learning environment of the...

Ensure Safe Labor

Two clean delivery kits

American Refugee Committee

Regular price $17.00

Your gift will focus on providing a clean and safe delivery for mother and child. A clean delivery kit, with sterile gloves, gauze, scissors and antibiotic ointment, will greatly reduce the chances of infection. And continuing care after delivery will ensure that mother and child stay healthy. The gift you give your loved one will stand out – a clean and safe delivery for a...

Educate a Scientist

Girls Science Training

African Children's Haven

Regular price $20.00

This gift will send an African girl with a high aptitude for science and math to an elite secondary school for a week. Your gift includes not only school fees, but also room, board, books and mentoring by some of Africa's leading women scientists.

Promote Security

Safety for Afghan women

Global Fund for Women

Regular price $25.00

The Global Fund for Women is proud to support women's organizations in Afghanistan focused on the rights of women and girls. Groups like the Afghan Institute of Learning, the Afghan Women's Educational Centre, and the Health and Development Center for Afghan Women offers classes on literacy, health and human rights, and provide health education and medical services to those who otherwise would have no access...

Educate Girls

Teacher for one month

Feminist Majority Foundation

Regular price $60.00

We cannot allow the destruction of women and girls' education to continue, with education so crucial to long-term empowerment. The Feminist Majority Foundation is working to keep Afghan girls' schools open, as well as to reopen those schools that have been closed. We must do all we can to ensure that the rights of Afghan women and girls do not slip away again. Your donation...

Rent A Market Stall

Loan for a woman

Foundation for International Community Assistance

Regular price $100.00

With a $100 loan, a Haitian woman can rent a market stall and increase her income two-fold. And you're providing a self-employment loan, not a gift. Your donation will build discipline, responsibility, and self-confidence as women create their own business. And as each loan is repaid, the borrower's line of credit increases by an amount equal to her accumulated savings.

Educate Girls

School for 100

Global Fund for Women

Regular price $50.00

A gift of $50 will allow a group like the Union for the Emancipation of Indigenous Women to provide school supplies and school fees for 100 indigenous girls, daughters of the displaced survivors of the Rwandan Genocide, in the South-Kivu Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Give a Cow

Share of a cow

Beyond The 11th Incorporated

Regular price $10.00

This gift will provide a widow a real chance to survive. The average income for a widow-headed household in Afghanistan is only $16/month - compared to $48/month for a men. Owning a cow that produces milk will not only give her family an income, on average $120/month, it gives them nutrition. In addition, the income will make it possible for her to send her children...

Equip Midwives

10 supply kits

Women for Women International

Regular price $60.00

Your gift of $60 buys 10 midwife supply kits for graduates of Women for Women International’s Health Training Workshops. Classes teach women about basic prenatal, maternal and infant and child health care, giving women the skills they need to educate other women in their communities about prenatal care and provide safer, more hygienic, deliveries. The kits include basic materials such as iodine, forceps, and clean...

Our Sports & Leadership Summer Camp provides an opportunity for girls to flex their leadership muscles and stay active over the summer! Girls learn over 20 different sports, interact with guests coaches, bond with their teammates, swim and go one field trips. Camp also includes free lunch and transportation. Over 90 percent of participants require a scholarship of some kind. Help create a summer to...

Train Young Leaders

Student leader training

Feminist Majority Foundation

Regular price $100.00

Since its founding, the Feminist Majority Foundation has built a tradition of mobilizing young people in advocacy and activism for women’s rights and health and non-violence. FMF’s Campus Program works to recruit and train the next generation of feminist leaders on college campuses nationwide. Our Choices Campus Leadership Program provides young women with organizing skills and tools to lead, run for campus-wide office, educate their...

Support Good Health

Medicine for 10 women

Winrock International

Regular price $100.00

Your gift will provide enough medication to treat 10 Tibetan women for a variety of reproductive tract infections. Women will receive information on how to prevent infections, good hygiene, and reproductive health training.

Shoes For Women

1 pair of shoes

Alternatives for Girls

Regular price $20.00

Your $20 gift will allow us to purchase one pair of footwear for the girls and women in any of our programs. The option of purchasing shoes instead of relying on donations allows us to purchase the kind of shoes we know most of the women need here. We are always in need of bigger sized walking shoes. With this gift, we can buy a...

Protect Our Girls

1 bottle of sunscreen

Alternatives for Girls

Regular price $5.00

Your $5 gift will allow us to buy at least one bottle of sunscreen for our Prevention participants in the Rise n’ Shine summer camp. Many of the programs participants are considered to be at-risk for negative behaviors such as dropping out of school, teen pregnancy, gang behavior, drugs or alcohol abuse, or becoming involved in abusive relationships. The focus of Rise n’ Shine is...

Plant A Garden

Seeds and tools

International Medical Corps

Regular price $50.00

Your gift will provide seeds and tools for one woman. When you give a woman something as simple as the seeds and tools she needs to grow food, you are empowering her and her entire community to break free from the cycle of hunger and disease. You are supporting good nutrition, promoting sustainable agriculture, and helping to strengthen communities that have been affected by conflict...

Help Afghan Girls

Sanitary pads for 10

Feminist Majority Foundation

Regular price $35.00

The Feminist Majority Foundation’s Campaign for Afghan Women and Girls is working for women’s equality and freedom in Afghanistan. The campaign, chaired by Mavis Leno, was the first of its kind to build a U.S. grassroots constituency around a foreign policy issue of women’s rights, and it successfully brought the Taliban regime’s atrocities against women and girls in Afghanistan to the attention of the United...

Fund Research

One hour of research

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Regular price $133.00

This gift will help BCRF provide $250,000 to one dedicated researcher hoping to find a cure for breast cancer in our lifetime.