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Treat and Prevent

Lung cancer research

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Regular price $50.00

Your gift will support current research into new agents to treat lung cancer and prevent its recurrence. Memorial Sloan-Kettering researchers are evaluating new drugs for lung cancer, including getifinib (Iressa). First tested at MSKCC, getitinib is one of a new class of drugs known as signal transduction inhibitors, which work by blocking the signal that make cancer cells grow and spread.

Treat Young Patients

Cancer care

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Regular price $50.00

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center offers care that is unequaled in depth of experience and expertise in the treatment of cancer affecting children, teenagers, and young adults. The multidisciplinary approach at Memorial Sloan-Kettering offers children and young adults with cancer the best opportunity for accurate diagnosis and the most effective treatment available, emphasizing treatments that target and cure cancer and return children to a normal life....

Warm A Bald Head

One sleep cap

Chemo Comfort Inc.

Regular price $9.00

This gift will provide one sleep cap for use in a Chemo Comfort kit. These kits go to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Actual sleep caps are white cotton with lace around the edges for women and plain cotton caps for men.

Support Survivors

Living beyond cancer

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Regular price $50.00

Today 10 million people in the U.S. are cancer survivors. In response to the increasing number of patients who are living beyond cancer, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center has established the Cancer Survivorship Initiative to institute a comprehensive program of services for cancer survivors and their families and to develop a survivorship research effort that will address issues vital to survivors nationwide.

Support Discoveries

Breast cancer research

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Regular price $50.00

Your gift will support the research of our physicians and scientists who continue to pioneer new medical treatments in breast cancer research such as immunotherapy, including vaccines and antibodies. Memorial Sloan-Kettering’s vaccine studies are designed to identify the best way to harness the body’s immune system to ward off recurrences. Our doctors have tested several monoclonal antibodies. They have so far demonstrated that this approach...

Help End Cancer

Fund Cancer Research

Stand Up To Cancer

Regular price $25.00

This gift will provide funding to projects in translational cancer research, which focuses on bringing promising new treatments to the patients who need them as quickly as possible. This is where the end of cancer begins.

Fund Research

One hour of research

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Regular price $133.00

This gift will help BCRF provide $250,000 to one dedicated researcher hoping to find a cure for breast cancer in our lifetime.

Comfort Children

CancerCare kid's pack


Regular price $35.00

When they first come to CancerCare, children receive a special welcome kit that includes a teddy bear and special book that helps them address the many fears and emotions they may be feeling.

Chemo Comfort Kit

One kit for patient

Chemo Comfort Inc.

Regular price $80.00

This gift will provide a cancer patient with a Chemo Comfort kit. In the kit are products to manage the side effects of chemotherapy such as a specific toothpaste, toothbrush and mouthwash to help cope with mouthsores. Also included in the kit are teas and other products to help with nausea; a sleep cap, satin pillowcase and socks for hair loss, warmth and comfort; a...

Screening for Underserved Women

Breast Cancer Alliance

Regular price $0.00

For the price of your gift, an institution providing patient navigation or free screening will enable a woman with limited financial means to get the critical, and potentially life-saving mammomgram she needs. When caught early, breast cancer has a survival rate of 90%. Your gift helps to maintain, if not improve, those statistics!

A symphony of love

Chase The Music

Regular price $0.00

Your gift will fund the creation of an orchestral piece, an original composition, and a world premiere performance for a child battling a critical condition. The child will be given a gift like no other. A gift with such meaning that music can express it. Music impacts so many more than just the recipient. Family, composer, performers, musicians and future listeners all are moved by...

Warm a Patient

One pair of warm socks

Chemo Comfort Inc.

Regular price $5.00

Your gift will provide one pair of wonderfully warm and cuddly socks to a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy. The socks are included in our Chemo Comfort kits which are distributed to cancer patients. Over 70% of our kits are donated through partner organizations.

Transport Patients

Gas money assistance


Regular price $50.00

CancerCare Assist® is one of the longest running and best regarded financial assistance programs in the country. Your contribution will help a man with cancer pay for the gas that gets him to and from essential medical treatment.

Teas for Nausea

Two teas for kit

Chemo Comfort Inc.

Regular price $6.00

This gift will provide 1 box each of peppermint and ginger tea to a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy. These teas will help with chemo induced nausea.

Teach Kids Health

Kit for one classroom

Strang Cancer Prevention Center

Regular price $50.00

Your gift will provide one Healthy Children Healthy Futures Tool Kit to teach children in one classroom to become advocates through their schools, families and communities for healthy eating and increased physical activity. The tool kit contains materials necessary for the implementation of the program at a school or community site, including a Facilitator Guide. Facilitators learn how to teach children to produce posters, radio...

Support Your Favorite Cancer Nonprofit

Support Any Favorite Nonprofit, School, or Teacher

Your contribution will support the important work of your favorite Cancer Nonprofit and help make the world a better place.    

Support Advances

Prostate cancer

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Regular price $50.00

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center is one of only a few centers that offer computer-assisted family history analysis. Men with a family history of prostate cancer that suggests they may be at increased genetic risk for developing the disease can be referred to our genetic counselors who will help further evaluate their risks. Your gift will ensure that our researchers and physicians continue to make new...

Support A Patient

Lung cancer seminar


Regular price $25.00

Our CancerCare Connect® seminars, led by oncology social workers, give people the chance to ask questions directly to medical experts. Being connected with others facing the same crisis reminds them they’re not alone. Your gift will help a lung cancer patient participate in an hour-long Telephone Education Workshop.

Soothe a Mouth

Special Mouthwash

Chemo Comfort Inc.

Regular price $5.00

This gift will provide one Tea Tree Therapy Mouthwash for inclusion in our Chemo Comfort kits. This is often one of the favorite items in our kit. Chemo Comfort kits help cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy by providing them with kits of products to manage the side effects of treatment. Over 70% of our kits were donated in 2008.

Research for Answers

300 DNA samples

Strang Cancer Prevention Center

Regular price $100.00

Your gift will provide analysis of DNA gel samples. Agarose gel electrophoresis is the easiest and commonest way of separating and analyzing DNA. The purpose of the gel might be to look at the DNA, to quantify it or to isolate a particular band. The DNA is visualised in the gel by addition of ethidium bromide. This binds strongly to DNA by intercalating between the...

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