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Countries and Regions


Promote Nutrition

Solutions for India

The Synergos Institute

Regular price $500.00

Your gift will support efforts in Maharashtra, India's second most populous state, to create solutions that can be scaled up for use in many parts of the country. A local organization, the Bhavishya Trust, has been created to undertake this important task. A powerful group of Indian organizations has joined the initiative, including civil society groups, businesses key government agencies. Together, they removing deeply rooted...

Host Our Website

One month of hosting

ImportantGifts, Inc.

Regular price $300.00

This gift will fund's website hosting costs for one month.

Support Youth Action

Youth Action Award

Global Youth Action Network

Regular price $100.00

Your contribution helps to provide a $1,000 Global Youth Action Award to a young person (or group) who started a project that has created a positive and measurable improvement in their community. On top of the actual $1,000 Award, receipients are promoted through media outlets in an effort to create greater visibility for their work, and are provided with on-going forms of other support. These...

Your contribution will support the important work of your favorite Civil Society Nonprofit and help make the world a better place.

Lend A Hand

Volunteer support

Winrock International

Regular price $100.00

Your gift will support the work of a volunteer, providing the logistical or material support they need to offer training and technical assistance to a wide variety of organizations and enterprises. U.S. volunteers donate their time and travel worldwide on short-term assignments to lend their professional expertise to those who need it most. In Latin America, your gift will support volunteers working to develop the...

Prevent Trafficking

Economic empowerment

Winrock International

Regular price $100.00

Your gift will provide trafficking awareness, job skills, or entrepreneurial training for an at-risk Moldovan woman or girl. She will learn how to recognize trafficking schemes and prepare to enter the workforce. She will learn new job skills, how to find employment, and interview successfully. Entrepreneurial training is offered to those who want to start a small business. Both tracks offer mentoring services to build...

Help Others Do Good

Nonprofit improvement

Winrock International

Regular price $200.00

Your donation will enable a representative from a small, Arkansas nonprofit to obtain organization and management skills, learn strategies for building fiscal responsibility, identify new sources of funding, and develop the capability to attract financial support for programs and projects. The intensive training initiative gives participants the tools they need to improve their organizations and their communities.

Share Resources

One hour of information

Transparency International USA

Regular price $25.00

Your gift will provide one hour of information sharing to help TI-USA as we share expertise with Transparency International’s international network. TI-USA needs your support to collect and disseminate information communication and share expertise as well as benefit from the expertise of others.

Educate the World

One corruption speech

Transparency International USA

Regular price $50.00

Your gift will help TI-USA bring experts from the Transparency International network, government, civil society, business and the media to promote transparency in elections, in public administration, in procurement and in business. TI-USA speaks to diverse audiences including the private sector, the development community, government, academic organizations and international organizations.

Improve Transparency

One hour of advocacy

Transparency International USA

Regular price $75.00

Your gift will aid TI-USA as we promote the development, ratification, implementation and monitoring of laws against corruption and promoting transparency. Many governments have made commitments under international anti-corruption conventions, which are binding written agreements between countries that establish common rules and standards for fighting corruption. Anti-corruption conventions are especially important in providing an internationally agreed upon framework for addressing cross-border issues and in facilitating...

Fight Poverty

Strengthen local action

The Synergos Institute

Regular price $500.00

Your gift will help us strengthen philanthropy in Southern Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America (including along the US-Mexico border), providing sustainable financing for local action to overcome poverty. Strong local philanthropic organizations bridge divides between sectors of the economy, between socio-economic classes and between cultural, political, ethnic, and religious groups in ways that unite rather than divide communities. Synergos increases the capacity of these...

Support the Staff

One month's salary

The Roosevelt Institution

Regular price $2,500.00

A donation of $2500 would go towards a month's salary of a full-time staff member of the Roosevelt Institution.

Keep the Landlord Away

One month's rent

The Roosevelt Institution

Regular price $600.00

A donation of $600 will pay for one month's rent of office space and keep the Roosevelt Institution going strong.

Send A Student

Travel stipends

The Roosevelt Institution

Regular price $100.00

A donation of $100 towards travel stipends will greatly assist the Roosevelt Institution and our student presenters in being able to present their policy proposals to the leading policy-makers.

Start A Chapter

One startup grant

The Roosevelt Institution

Regular price $50.00

A donation towards a chapter start-up grant will help fund the logistics of starting a new chapter at a college.

Inform Decisions

Policy events

The Roosevelt Institution

Regular price $100.00

By donating to our event funding category, you will be helping the Roosevelt Institution do what it does best: present policy proposals to the leading policy-makers in the field.

Expand Technology

Technical hardware

The Roosevelt Institution

Regular price $50.00

Your gift will provide technical hardware for Roosevelt Institution. A donation towards Roosevelt Institution's technology expansion project will be greatly appreciated by all members.

Invite Speakers

Custom stationery

The Roosevelt Institution

Regular price $30.00

A $30 donation towards Roosevelt Institution stationery will help the Roosevelt Institution enhance its professionalism when inviting speakers to lecture at our policy expositions.

Inform Public Policy

25 Roosevelt Reviews

The Roosevelt Institution

Regular price $50.00

A donation of $50 will help the Roosevelt Institution publish 25 Roosevelt Reviews. The more funding we have for publishing will lead to more Reviews we have to distribute and spread our fellow's policy proposals.

Research Excellence

Darroch Research Award

The Guttmacher Institute

Regular price $50.00

The Darroch Award, sponsored by the Guttmacher Institute, recognizes an emerging leader in the field of sexual and reproductive health, where scientific evidence is essential to guiding the policies and programs of the future. The award honors Jacqueline E. Darroch, PhD, whose three decades of directing research exemplifies rigorous and innovative work in this field and commitment to the practical application of research to policy...