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Regular price $5.00

A gift of $5 will allow a group like the Union for the Emancipation of Indigenous Women to provide school supplies and school fees for 10 indigenous girls, daughters of the displaced survivors of the Rwandan Genocide, in the South-Kivu Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Regular price $100.00

Your donation will educate one child for 1 year in night school. The Barefoot College began Night Schools for the children of the working poor in 1975 to provide an education that draws on the knowledge of the community. Literate young men and women in the community are selected and trained for 6 months to become Barefoot Teachers. By providing the learning environment of the...

Regular price $150.00

Your donation will provide a complete scholarship kit for a primary or secondary school student. Kits include all the essentials a girl will need - from school fees and books to uniforms and supplies. Scholarship recipients will receive mentoring services to build confidence and help ensure that problems are addressed and that they stay in school and succeed.

Regular price $18.00

Give the gift of a future. With your gift of only $18, you can send a child living in Vietnam to school for an entire year. Operation USA partners with local community groups in rural villages in Vietnam to help support children’s education. Education is highly valued in Vietnam, and when a family is given the cost of sending a child to school, it fosters...

Regular price $30.00

This gift will provide a new backpack filled with back to school supplies for one child living in a NYC shelter.

Share Stories

12 bedtime stories

First Book

Regular price $36.00

Your gift will bring the magic of a bedtime story directly to a child in need once every month for a year.

Regular price $100.00

Your gift will provide children with access to appropriate literature - often for the first time. Because many families in the developing world do not possess the disposable income to purchase children's books, there is no economic incentive for publisheers to produce them. Room to Read hires authors and illustrators to create culturally relevant stories with colorful pictures for children to enjoy. In addition to...

Regular price $60.00

Your gift will provide school supplies for 10 children for one year. This generous donation will assist Arzu in encouraging education throughout Afghanistan and in making sure that all children of registered weavers attend school and have the proper supplies for their classes.

Regular price $175.00

Your gift will provide one scholarship for a child for one year. Each scholarship helps cover the costs of education, such as school fees, books, school supplies, food, clothing and medical care. Scholarships are given to poor and special-needs children living in extremely difficult circumstances in the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan and Lebanon. Currently there are seven schools in the program, all of which have...

Regular price $30.00

This gift will enable three students to take a field trip to a cultural venue where they will use art or nature to inspire and enhance their writing. Your support will provide a required match for a field trip as part of a full-year program that engages children in the pleasure and power of reading and writing. Students will learn through direct experience about the...

Girl Stars Books

A Set of 15 Books


Regular price $20.00

Girl Stars is a multi-media campaign communicating to girls age 10-16 about the importance of going to school and staying in school. Girl Stars creates ‘icons’ out of everyday young women and girls from underprivileged backgrounds who have changed their lives by completing their education. Girl Stars stories aim to inspire millions of girls from under privileged backgrounds age 10-16 years to complete their education...

Regular price $15.00

Relief International's solution to the crisis in Darfur emphasizes women's development in particular. School empowers girls in Darfur by increasing their economic and leadership status, improving their health and reducing their risk for poverty and physical harm. $15 provides tuition and school supplies for one girl, between the ages of 7-15, to attend one year of basic schooling.

Regular price $50.00

A gift of $50 will allow a group like the Union for the Emancipation of Indigenous Women to provide school supplies and school fees for 100 indigenous girls, daughters of the displaced survivors of the Rwandan Genocide, in the South-Kivu Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Regular price $60.00

We cannot allow the destruction of women and girls' education to continue, with education so crucial to long-term empowerment. The Feminist Majority Foundation is working to keep Afghan girls' schools open, as well as to reopen those schools that have been closed. We must do all we can to ensure that the rights of Afghan women and girls do not slip away again. Your donation...

Regular price $360.00

Your gift of $360 will provide a Dalit child with a quality education for an entire year. In addition, each student is provided with room and board, uniforms, books, personal items and health care.

Regular price $60.00

Each $60 donation helps a child be able to afford a six months of school’s requirements: uniform, textbooks, supplies, shoes, transportation for distances of over two miles, lunches if a child is going hungry, and teacher’s fees.

Regular price $30.00

Your gift will go toward programs that target girls’ education in the most vulnerable communities. Your gift can provide a girl with a school uniform, textbooks, and school supplies for one year of schooling. Together, we can bring up a new generation of girls who will become educated, confident women.

Regular price $100.00

Your gift of $100 helps provide training materials for four Teach For America corps members.

Regular price $250.00

Your gift will equip students to become Peer Leaders at College Summit Workshops. Through a four-day “boot camp" for college transition, these rising high school seniors learn crucial self-advocacy skills, in addition to completing their college applications, personal statement, and learning about financial aid. These students return to their schools in the fall and inspire and motivate their peers to navigate the college transition process....

Regular price $500.00

Your gift will help train and motivate teachers at "Educators Institutes" to guide their students through the college application process. Each teacher attends the 2.5 day training and guides students through the College Summit curriculum throughout the school year. College Summit Teachers play a crucial role in the process, as they help students manage their individual paths to college, while also serving as an example...