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We work to save at least a child a day. Your gift will go directly to helping us save a child's heart by supporting medical treatment, accommodations and transportation for a child and mother.

Ensure Safe Labor

Two clean delivery kits

American Refugee Committee

Regular price $17.00

Your gift will focus on providing a clean and safe delivery for mother and child. A clean delivery kit, with sterile gloves, gauze, scissors and antibiotic ointment, will greatly reduce the chances of infection. And continuing care after delivery will ensure that mother and child stay healthy. The gift you give your loved one will stand out – a clean and safe delivery for a...

Care for A Mother

Pre-natal care

CURE International Inc

Regular price $30.00

This gift will provide an Afghan woman with much needed care including: 2 pre-natal consultations, basic vitamins and 2 ultrasounds over the course of the mother’s pregnancy.

Prevent Disease

Immunize a Dalit Child

Dalit Freedom Fund

Regular price $16.00

This gift will cover the cost of vaccinations for one Dalit child. Not only is this a practical and much needed gift, it is a small investment with a big return: a healthy childhood. Healthy children are more likely to stay in school and succeed. In addition, you’re supporting the Dalit Freedom Network (DFN) Healthcare Program, which is the first comprehensive healthcare program for Dalits....

Regular price $50.00

Your gift will help provide medical supplies for team members to perform life-saving operations and cardiac procedures for children. Our medical team works along slide local partners to screen and treat children who otherwise would not have access to the urgent care they need

Save young lives

Condoms for youth

Family Care International

Regular price $10.00

This gift will provide 100 condoms to young people in Mali, West Africa, as part of a comprehensive, practical educational strategy. Since 2005, FCI has pioneered a peer-to-peer approach to educating young workers. The project has trained 120 peer educators, distributed 16,000 condoms, and empowered 22,000 at-risk young people to pursue their dreams and protect themselves from HIV and unwanted pregnancy. This program is being...

Healthy Children

Breastfeeding Programs

Mercy Corps

Regular price $75.00

In Jakarta's poorest neighborhoods, Mercy Corps promotes the practice and benefits of breastfeeding. We create training programs for health providers and maternity clinics. And we foster neighborhood-level support groups for pregnant and nursing mothers, promote events that raise awareness about the advantages of breastfeeding, and lobby local and national policymakers.

Heal A Family

1 application for care

Civic-Campaign For Innocent Victims In Conflict

Regular price $50.00

Your $50 donation allows CIVIC to find a child in need, make contact with the child's family, gather the necessary documents from within the war zone and apply for out-of-country care.

Vaccinate a child

Immunize one child

Plan International USA

Regular price $25.00

Childhood immunizations can help prevent the six deadliest childhood diseases that kill more than two million children every year. Your gift will help boost one child’s immunity against measles, tuberculosis, polio, tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis and help protect them from a life-threatening, catastrophic illness. You’ll literally be saving a life.

Your contribution will support the important work of your favorite Global Health Nonprofit and help make the world a better place.

Support Orphans

Sustain Indian Orphans

Keep a Child Alive

Regular price $100.00

This gift will pay for all costs at the Living India Orphanage for three children for one month. At Living India, children have a place to live, food to eat, loving caretakers to watch them, and an opportunity to play and enjoy their childhood despite past tragedies. With your $100 donation, you will ensure that Living India can provide for three children for one month,...

Support Good Health

Medicine for 10 women

Winrock International

Regular price $100.00

Your gift will provide enough medication to treat 10 Tibetan women for a variety of reproductive tract infections. Women will receive information on how to prevent infections, good hygiene, and reproductive health training.

Keep Kids Healthy!

Health Costs for Kids

Keep a Child Alive

Regular price $20.00

This gift will pay for the health costs of one child headed household for one year at Ikageng Itireleng in South Africa. Growing children have a variety of routine health needs and problems that, while easy to care of in the Western world, are heavy burdens for child-headed households. Your donation ensures that these brave children will stay healthy, and be able to devote more...

Immunize A Child


Project Concern International

Regular price $20.00

Through Project Concern's Immunization Campaign, you can help us in the delivery of these lifesaving immunizations and other essential health services in the coming year. Your gift will help provide much-needed vaccines against tetanus, whooping cough, measles, tuberculosis, diptheria, and polio. It will also provide training and health education for families in need, ensuring the health of a generation of children living in some of...

Heal A Village

Essential medicines

Amazon Promise

Regular price $400.00

This gift will provide 500-700 treatments including but not limited to antibiotics, analgesics, topical anti-fungal cream, anti-parasite medication, oral rehydration salts, wound care and dressing supplies, and vitamin supplements.

Give Vitamin A

100 Vitamin A Capsules

Helen Keller International

Regular price $100.00

Your gift will provide the vitamin A that will protect the lives and sight of 100 children for a full year.

Expand Health Care

$500 worth of medicine

International Relief Teams

Regular price $10.00

You can help a child who is sick, perhaps even save a life. Your donation will purchase critically needed medicines such as antiobiotics and vaccines for children living in impoverished countries where International Releif Teams serves. Your donation of $10 will buy $500 worth of medicines! What an incredible gift to give a child - the gift of health!

Educate An Orphan

School supplies

Partners In Health

Regular price $10.00

$10 will buy school supplies for one child affected by HIV.

Durame hospital

Medical equipment

Liya Kebede Foundation

Regular price $50.00

This gift will help provide equipment such as operating tables, bicycle ambulances and birthing kits.


Doctor Visit

Village Earth

Regular price $30.00

This gift will provide a doctor visit for our school as well as medicine, and health education, so students can get treated before a condition becomes serious, or referred to a hospital when it is serious. Our weekly clinics have helped hundreds, and are valued by the community. This gift will help approximately 30 people.