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We are adding charitable gifts from nonprofits that meet needs in Vietnam.


If you have favorite organizations, please let us know. Contact information appears at the bottom of the page. 

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Educate A Child

One year of school

Operation USA

Regular price $18.00

Give the gift of a future. With your gift of only $18, you can send a child living in Vietnam to school for an entire year. Operation USA partners with local community groups in rural villages in Vietnam to help support children’s education. Education is highly valued in Vietnam, and when a family is given the cost of sending a child to school, it fosters...

Healthy Animals

Vietnamese Pig Project

IDE-International Development Enterprises

Regular price $10.00

Pig farming has a long tradition in rural farming communities of Vietnam, such as Thua Hue and especially among landless, ethnic minorities where pig farming is a practical and efficient way for farmers to produce additional revenue for family survival. Pig production has been identified as an exceptionally promising entry point for income generation in the region due to the high market demand for pork,...