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I really don't need any more stuff, which will just become clutter anyway. It'd be much nicer and more meaningful if people spent their money on something useful, which will make a difference to somebody's life. That's why I'd like people to get me gifts from my wish-list on here. I love that you get told exactly what the money will be spent on, so it feels like a real gift instead of a generic donation. The greeting cards look really beautiful and work as a great reminder of the good that was done in your name. It'd be awesome if you could make your own wish-list, so I get to help the causes that mean a lot to you. I can't wait to hear about all the causes that have benefitted from your generous help!

Favorite gifts:


Your $25 donation enables WaterAid to provide one person with clean safe water, sanitation and hygiene education in one of the 26 countries where we work. This gift is enough to pay for one person in one of the world's poorest countries to gain access to safe, clean water and sanitation for life.


Your gift will help a woman acquire the skills she needs to develop her career. 5 sessions at a Dress for Success Career Center will provide a woman with career guidance, technology skills and support in her job search. In addition, your gift will provide her with resources that are vital to entering the workforce, such as an Internet-accessible computer lab with cutting-edge job placement software; résumé and cover-letter-writing lessons; and interview preparation.

Inspire minds - Cultural field trips

Writers In The Schools


This gift will enable three students to take a field trip to a cultural venue where they will use art or nature to inspire and enhance their writing. Your support will provide a required match for a field trip as part of a full-year program that engages children in the pleasure and power of reading and writing. Students will learn through direct experience about the world around them and use stories and poems to capture their thoughts, senses, and memories.


This gift will afford Project Hope puppies and kittens a crucial step in their path to adoption with a much-needed veterinary exam. Initial exams include checking their weight, temperature, heart, lungs, internal organs, and ears. Pre-adoption examinations for puppies and kittens are often a veterinarian’s favorite part of the job.

Serve Healthy Food - One wholesale meeting

Sustainable Food Laboratory


A principal root of the problem has been that in order to add variety and diversity to public/institutional menus and simultaneously reduce personnel, infrastructure and contract costs, one option has predominated: prefabricated, ready to serve, processed food, often laden with ingredients unhealthy to body, mind and environment. This is now being reversed and the challenge is how to change the entire public/institutional food system to one based on the principals of sustainability and away from convenience and lowest short-term price…to one where menus based on fresh, seasonal and sustainable produce set a new purchasing and education framework and establish viable markets for more socially and environmentally responsible products. These changes require new alliances. Your gift will pay for meeting expenses (venue, food, facilitation) in order to coordinate wholesale changes to the way food is procured, distributed and prepared.


Giving the gift of clean water is greater than just giving someone a bottle of water. With a gift of $75, Operation USA will provide more than 10,000 water purification tablets to a community that is suffering from a high child mortality rate, a community that has just been struck by a disaster or a hospital that has run-out of pure water to give to patients or use in its own hygiene and sanitation programs. Impure water is one of the leading causes of global infant mortality. If a mother uses contaminated water to wean her child or mix with baby formula, her child will likely become sick and possibly die. When disaster strikes, clean water is paramount to help prevent the spread of disease and care for the injured. Just a few easy-to-use water purification tablets can save lives.


Make an important contribution and a special connection with the animals at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium by joining the Aquadoption program. Your Aquadoption will help pay for the feeding and care of an animal on exhibit at the Aquarium, as well as make a statement of commitment to keeping the Santa Monica Bay and its animals healthy and safe.

Make your contribution to the “Adopt A Beach” program to help children become “Adopters” through their commitment to clean the beach of their choice in L.A. County, three times a year. Your contribution allows children from under-served communities to not only see the beach, often as first time visitors, but also to learn that environmental stewardship starts at home in their own neighborhoods. Once a location has been selected, Heal the Bay facilitates the Adopt-A-Beach program in Los Angeles county by providing all supplies and training for volunteers to carry out the beach cleanups. A free educational presentation by a member of Heal the Bay’s Speakers Bureau is part of each group’s first cleanup. The speaker explains stormwater pollution issues, how to run a safe cleanup, and the importance of recording on the data cards each item that is picked up for future analysis and reporting, which drives legislation and policy on water quality issues.

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