Help Kanika Give Back to Veterans on her Birthday

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I don't need anymore stuff, so for my birthday this year I'd like people to make donations using Changing the Present. The cards they send are beautiful so it still feels like a real gift, but its also supporting a worthy cause at the same time. For my wish-list I've selected gifts which help veterans, as this is something I feel passionate about. Members of the armed forces risk their lives every day to keep us safe. Surely the least we can do in return is to ensure that veterans are well looked after, with adequate housing and support.

Once you've donated, please create your own wish-list so that I can do the same for you. Changing the Present lists so many causes that you're guaranteed to find something you're passionate about. Wouldn't you like to make a difference, rather than accumulate more things that you neither want nor need?

Favorite gifts:

Building on lessons from service in four wars, Veterans for America galvanizes new war veterans nationwide, creating an empowered community and space to share common experiences. We raise awareness about challenges facing returning veterans and promote common-sense solutions. Our website and community blogs provide an active atmosphere to share experiences among those who understand their challenges. Veterans For America’s website serves as a unique portal and resource to Government and private resources. Our daily news updates provide critical information specific to veterans’ needs, such as developments in healthcare and Veterans For America legislative initiatives.

Your gift of $43 will keep our veteran’s community blogs and news service up and running for one day. Please help provide the community tools that enable our returning war veterans to find a safe space to share their stories and make their voices heard.

House A Veteran - 2 hours of advocacy

National Coalition for Homeless Veterans


This gift will provide 2 hours of NCHV staff work with developers and funders of affordable housing for veterans with mental and physical disabilities, and low income veterans who have completed their transitional programs. Creating housing opportunities for these veterans is a new frontier in the homeless veteran assistance community. Indeed, it is the success of the nation's transitional housing assistance programs that has focused national attention on this issue. Many veterans who complete transitional programs cannot afford housing at market rates. Working with innovative developers, financial institutions, service providers, the Corporation for Supportive Housing, and government officials, NCHV is engaged in partnerships exploring the incentives and rewards of creating affordable and supportive housing stock in several market areas. At the same time, many NCHV organizations are addressing this need through program initiatives that include creation of supportive and low income housing units.

Help Vets Online - Direct assistance 24/7

National Coalition for Homeless Veterans


Your gift will provide one hour of staff support for this comprehensive website designed to direct veterans who need help to the people who can provide it. The NCHV website records more than 45,000 visits each month from veterans in crisis and concerned family members who want to help them. The website offers information about both VA and community service providers, eligibility requirements, veteran-specific assistance programs, employment opportunities, mental health and substance abuse treatment centers, VA benefits counselors, and special programs for women and disabled veterans.

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