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This site is such a cool idea! When you get a present you use it for a bit and then it becomes either clutter or trash. With the gifts on here, though, you make a lasting difference to the world, which is so much better. I strongly believe in protecting the environment, so I've focused my wish-list on that. There's a huge range of causes though, so whatever cause you're passionate about you'll be able to support it when you make your own wish-list. You should definitely make your own, I already feel happy thinking about the difference I'm gonna make and I'd love for you to feel that way too.

Favorite gifts:


Your gift to Adopt A Tiger today will help to battle the many threats -- including illegal logging and poaching -- to tigers and other endangered wildlife around the world.

Conserve the Amazon - 1 acre of rainforest

Amazon Conservation Association


This gift protects ONE acre of Amazonian rainforest. Your support is needed to manage the 360,000-acre Los Amigos Conservation Concession. This area of old-growth rainforest has one of the highest species concentrations in Amazonia. It is part of a 20 million-acre block of wilderness in southeastern Peru, which is home to some of the last uncontacted indigenous groups on Earth. Your support will help us prevent poaching and illegal deforestation in the concession by funding and equipping a team of local forest rangers, as well as promote conservation and Amazonian science through our biodiversity monitoring program. These activities cost us an average of $8 per acre per year. Your gift will help ensure that there are jaguars and rainforests for generations to come.


Your donation will offset over 8,000 pounds of carbon dioxide in order to neutralize the impact of up to 20,000 miles of flying. will support renewable energy, such as wind and solar; energy efficiency and reforestation projects that offset these carbon dioxide emissions. Our climate-friendly projects are in the United States, India, Nicaragua, Brazil, China and other parts of the world. By supporting the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions equal to your annual emissions from your home, car and flying energy use. You become part of the solution to global warming!

Adopt A Lynx - Wildlife protection

National Wildlife Federation


Please help us STOP THIS ATTACK on America’s magnificent wildlife! \ Your $30 symbolic lynx adoption will help NWF: Fight to prevent the Endangered Species Act from being gutted. Conserve the few remaining big cat habitats in the U.S. Publicize the plight of the lynx and other imperiled wildlife. Together, we can ensure a brighter future for the Canada lynx and other imperiled wildlife teetering on the brink of extinction. Please Adopt A Lynx now.

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