Betsy's Birthday Wishlist

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I don't need any more stuff, so this year I've decided to ask for something more meaningful instead. Rather than waste your money on something I'll never use, it'd be far better to give it to a great cause. I'd still like to feel as though I'm receiving a gift, though, which is why Changing the Present is great. My friend created a wish-list for his birthday and the cards look amazing, so I'm looking forward to receiving lots of them! Climate change impacts everyone, so anything I can do to help is good.

Whatever cause you care about, there will be a relevant gift on here, so you should definitely make your own wish-list before your next special occasion.

Favorite gifts:

Stop Global Warming - Offset 1,000 lbs co2

Carbonfund. org Foundation


Your donation will offset over 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide and will be an important step in the fight against global warming. will support renewable energy, such as wind and solar; energy efficiency and reforestation projects that offset these carbon dioxide emissions. Our climate-friendly projects are in the United States, India, Nicaragua, Brazil, China and other parts of the world. By supporting the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions equal to your annual emissions from your home, car and flying energy use. You become part of the solution to global warming!

Protect Wildlife - 15 acres of land

National Wildlife Federation


How you can help: Right now we have a special opportunity to purchase grazing privileges on four different allotments next to Yellowstone. It is vital that we are fully prepared to act with the proper funds on hand, the moment an agreement is reached. The great news…it only costs $2 to adopt one wildlife acre. So for $30 you can protect wildlife on 15 full acres forever on one of these new allotments we hope to open up very soon! Please make a pledge today to help protect wildlife at Yellowstone National Park and throughout America.


Since 1990 The Nature Conservancy has been building partnerships and alliances with ranchers, landowners and conservationists to protect the over 10 million-acre range of the northern jaguar. Help save this animal from extinction and by protecting the habitat of the northern jaguar today.

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